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IMA reports net retail sales of 1.1bn in January Andrew Sullivan reports

For the 10thmonth in a row, net retail sales in January topped 1bn nearly double last Januarys 537m.

And while equity funds remained the best-selling asset class with net retail sales of 464m, the top-selling sector was Targeted Absolute Return with sales of 343m, the highest since December 2009.

Its monthly average over the previous year was 184m, and its position in the December 2013 report was 4th. These figures are indicative not only of the sectors traditional popularity with retail investors but also of renewed interest from other quarters.

Targeted Absolute Return (343m net)

UK Smaller Companies (241m net, the highest ever and first appearance in top 5 for 13 years)

Property (232m net, previous years monthly average 128m)

UK All Companies (213m net, previous years monthly average 13m)

Europe excluding Europe (200m net, previous years monthly average 104m)

UK and Europe were the best-selling regions for equity, followed by Japan but trailed by Global, North America and Asia who all saw a net retail outflow.

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