One of the fastest growing mutual funds in India, Reliance Mutual Fund, has gained a remarkable position in the market by providing impressive returns to the investors. Reliance MF investment plans are focused on achieving the objectives in the desired time frame. All the Reliance mutual funds have been an outperformer in their categories and helped many investors in gaining substantial profits. Online investing in Reliance mutual fund schemes has become easier at our website where you can find the best recommendations of the fund house to start investing in an instant.

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SIP can be altered by submitting a written form mentioning the change in amount, date, or any other update.

Reliance Mutual Fund provides Any Time Money card which can be used to withdraw the redeemable units from the supported schemes.

Is it necessary to complete KYC to start investment in RMF?

Yes. After 11th January 2011, KYC is mandatory to open an account to invest in Reliance Mutual Funds.

What is the minimum amount for SIP in Reliance?

The minimum amount required to invest in any scheme of Reliance is Rs 500 with an addition in multiples of Rs 1 for a minimum of 12 months.

Is it important to mention the end date of the SIP?

No. If the end date of the SIP is not mentioned, then the SIP will be perpetual.

Can I register multiple bank account to Reliance Mutual Fund

Yes. Individual investors can register up to a maximum of 5 bank accounts. Withdrawal and redemption can be done using any of the registered bank accounts.

What are the available dates for SIP in Reliance Mutual Fund?

Available dates for SIP in Reliance Mutual Fund are 2, 7, 10, 18, 23, and 28 of every month.

Reliance Mutual Fund Entering in Online Investing in India

Established on 30th June 1995,Reliance Mutual Fund with an aim to provide mutual funds to every category of investors. Reliance Nippon Life Asset Management Limited is the asset manager of RMF and is a subsidiary of Reliance Capital Limited and Nippon Life Insurance Company.Reliance Mutual FundShares the same visions as of Late Mr Dhirubhai Ambani who has significant contribution in the development of the Indian economy. This AMC is a fast-growing and an overachieving company in the industry. With the goal of making India financially independent, Late Mr Dhirubhai Ambani had laid the foundation of Ambani Group which has its branches spread in various segments of industries.

Technical advancement has been the backbone of the Reliance Group. Thus, Reliance MF is also not untouched by technology. Significantly, marking its presence in the MF industry, this company proudly enters the online investing market also. Joining hands with us, this company has partnered with us for their online distribution. To collaborate with an organisation as big as Reliance AMC, we are indeed making significant progress. You can also take help fromSIP return calculatortool to calculate your returns of Reliance schemes

Budding from a giant player, Reliance Mutual Fund online shares the same visions and business ethics as its parent branch. With a view to being more precise to cater to the needs of clients, and making the investors aware of the benefits they could get from their hard-earned money,

It has a vast network of offices spread across the country, with highly devoted workers working for the best and excellent fund management. The branches are located in even the remote areas, where the clients need not travel much to get financial assistance.

At this fund house, the strategy is to hone and hold talent. The professionals working with Reliance AMC are highly experienced and have a thorough knowledge of the field they are working in. It has some of the best fund managers to manage your funds as their own.

This AMC is ready to embrace any new idea with open hands. Every single employee, as well as an investor, can actively participate to influence the decision of bringing about any change in the organisation.

Over the past 17 years, it has established itself as the most trusted and fast-growing brand in the investment industry. The vast clientele base is for itself, voicing the story of victory for this AMC.

Targeting to capture every single aspect of investing industry Reliance Mutual Fund has launched all the schemes with a view of providing full-fledged customer service. Reliance SIP or lumpsum investment are the two options available here. It deals in Equity, Debt, and hybrid funds.

It is mainly the sector earning high revenue for the Reliance Mutual Fund and also for the investors. The pooled money of the investors is reinvested in the equity market (Large-Cap, Small-Cap, or Mid-Cap companies) depending on clients requirements. Some of the top Reliance equity schemes are:

These are the mutual funds which are more secure and have a comparatively less return percentage. The fund manager of Reliance MF schemes puts the money of the investors in debt and money market instruments of low risk to ensure moderate growth and low volatility of the invested amount.

– The fund belongs to debt-ultra short term category. The objective of the scheme is to generate optimal returns with the consistency in the level of risk by investing in debt securities and money market instruments.

– The fund manager Ms Anju Chajjer has worked hard upon the investment objective of the scheme that is to generate optimum returns with a moderate level of risk and high liquidity through the investment in debt and other money market instruments for its investors.

– The scheme belongs to the debt credit opportunities category and has an inception date of June 8, 2005. The investment objective followed by Mr Amit Tripathi is to produce the optimum returns with minimum risk. He invests in the debt tools of lower credit ratings.

Reliance Mutual Fund aims to provide different categories of MFs for every investor. It has produced some of the best schemes in each and every category of mutual funds. It is an AMC which genuinely believes in delivering the much-required growth, as the clients invest not only their money but also their trust. The clients need to understand the fact that Reliance mutual fund amc allows them to enjoy complete transparency which is the first and foremost requirement of MFs. It provides SIP as well as lumpsum investment techniques to attract clients from each and every segment of the society. On the one hand,SIPgives them an opportunity to invest their money rupee by rupee while on the other hand lumpsum allows them to invest in a single go for the entire tenure of a scheme.

Reliance AMC has been serving the clients by following the principles of the founder who truly believed in the potential of the citizens to build up business and excel in the global market. Millions of investors have successfully enjoyed capital gains and high returns. It aims at reciprocating the investments of the clients after multiplying it in manifolds. We have partnered with Reliance AMC to serve our clients with the same ethics. Our portal allows the clients to invest in each and every Reliance scheme safely and efficiently. By decreasing the paperwork involved in investing, our site has mademutual fund investmenta hassle-free task for the clients and provide a list of reliance schemes that help you to grow your money in a systematic manner.

Reliance mutual fund has been my choice since the time I started investing in mutual funds 5 years ago. I started investing in Reliance Top 200 Fund – Retail Plan (G) fund back then. Now with the change in technology I have switched to online portal My SIP online for availing the best SIP plans. The expert team guided me on how to invest in online SIPs. I have invested online in various schemes of this AMC.

Prateek GuptaPune, MaharashtraTill the time I figured out that Reliance Mutual Fund offers great products, I had already spent a fortune on other poor performing funds. But thanks to the daily updates of my sip online that I got in touch with its schemes, or else Id have spent yet another fortune on something worthless. I dont know if words are enough to thank you guys. Im seriously indebted to the whole assistance team of mysiponline.

Toshni NarukaAhmedabad, GujaratAfter searching all the options of capital appreciation, I settled for reliance schemes. On the advice of my best friend I registered with my sip online for investing in these funds. I got the assistance of the most experienced professionals and they guided me through the entire process. I was able to generate highest returns from my invested amount. I am satisfied with the services and assistance which are absolutely free.

Nilima GuptaKolkata, IndiaOut of the many funds available in the industry, Reliance Mutual Funds stands out due to its many attractive schemes and high returns. I have received exactly the returns I was expecting from them in the past 2 years. These schemes I picked from the top recommendations of this online investment platform. I am glad that I have invested with them because I can now review all my investments at one place.

Raveena ShrivastavMumbai, MaharashtraWith such a huge name in the mutual fund industry, Reliance MF was an obvious choice for me to start mutual fund investment. Initially I wanted to invest in a single scheme, but after reading an article of mysiponline, I changed my plan and went with the large cap and small cap scheme. It came out as one of the best investment combination for me. Now, I am planning on shifting my savings from the bank account to the liquid fund provided by this AMC, and will see that where it will get me.

Kapindra ShuklaKolkata, IndiaLast year, I invested in three schemes of Reliance Mutual Fund and I must say, I have never been this satisfied in my life. The support desk of mysiponline is one of the finest team I have ever interacted with. They are equipped with superb financial knowledge and know their job very well. Had it not be for them, Id be still struggling to find a way to secure future. Thank you so much, guys!

Anukriti SuhalkaBangalore, IndiaReliance Mutual Fund is a successful asset management company which has a plan for every need. For me, I wanted to invest in a low-risk fund so I chose the liquid fund and I can say, it performed better than my expectation. I never knew investing in mutual funds could be so much beneficial. I am planning to buy more schemes of this AMC in next month.

Yogindra PowarChennai, Tamil NaduI was very much disappointed by the market fluctuations of 2018. I was looking forward to redeem my investment from the small cap scheme of Reliance MF as I believed that the market fluctuation will continue to pertain in the year 2019 as well. But, I was lucky to take suggestions from the financial experts of mysiponline. They suggested me to continue the SIP to get the benefits of market volatility and i am glad that i followed their suggestion.

Abhishek UpadhyayBangalore, IndiaI have 3 schemes of Reliance Mutual Fund in which I have been investing for 3 years. The results have been as per my expectations and I am looking forward to invest in more schemes of the AMC. They have the best fund managers and will always deliver satisfactory results.

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