is an Americandrama filmwritten and directed byFrank Darabont, first released on September 23, 1994. Based on the 1982Stephen Kingnovella, it tells the story of banker Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins), who is sentenced to life in Shawshank State Penitentiaryfor the murder of his wife and her lover, despite his claims of innocence. Over the following two decades, he befriends a fellow prisoner, contraband smuggler Ellis Red Redding (Morgan Freeman), and becomes instrumental in a money laundering operation led by theprison wardenSamuel Norton (Bob Gunton). The film received positive reviews, but earned only $16million during its initial theatrical run. After garnering sevenAcademy Awardnominations, it was one of the top rented films of 1995, and totaled $58.3million at the box office after a theatrical re-release. In 2015, theLibrary of Congressselected the film for preservation in theNational Film Registry. (

Sketch of the hall of the Ringkirche by Otzen

was the first Protestant church to follow theWiesbadener ProgrammofJohannes Otzen, which focused on providing a clear view of the combined altar, pulpit, and organ areas

, a social reformer and labor activist, was the first woman appointed to a position of authority in theAmerican government during World WarI?

is about a quarter of that of other desert lizards?

… that following an injustice suffered by the British consul,

trained his frigates guns on theBeyof Rhodes house and opened fire?

, completed in 1858, was the first feature to be finished in New York CitysCentral Park?

foundedchemical metallurgyin China, while his American wife became an English professor who taught the future Chinese foreign ministerLi Zhaoxing?

… thatKatharine Hepburnis said to have encountered snakes in the living room of

TheFIBA Basketball World Cupconcludes, withSpaindefeatingArgentinain

InGaelic football, theAll-Ireland Championshipconcludes, withDublindefeatingKerryin

on two major oil facilities force Saudi Arabia to cut more than half of its oil production.

September 23:Celebrate Bisexuality Day;National DayinSaudi Arabia(1932)

1780American Revolutionary War: British officerJohn Andrwas captured byPatriotforces, thereby revealing a plot byContinental ArmyGeneral

1803Marathatroops were defeated by forces of theBritish East India Companyat the

, one of the decisive battles of theSecond Anglo-Maratha War.

1952 U.S. vice-presidential candidateRichard Nixondelivered the

, one of the first political uses of television to appeal directly to the populace.

web browser was released by theMozilla Organization.

2016 Following a number of high-profile sexual assaults, major reforms were enacted to strengthen laws related to

John Ainsworth Horrocks(d.1846)Kostas Tournas(b.1949)Michiru Yamane(b.1963)

There are tenscheduled monuments in Coventry. In the United Kingdom, ascheduled monumentis a nationally important archaeological site or historic building that has been given protection against unauthorised change by being placed on a list (or schedule) by theSecretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and SportEnglish Heritagetakes the leading role in identifying such sites. Monuments are defined in theAncient Monuments and Archaeological Areas Act 1979and theNational Heritage Act 1983Coventryis an ancient city and ametropolitan boroughin theWest Midlandsof England. The citys history dates back to at least the 11thcentury (CE), and by the 14thcentury, it was a thriving centre of commerce. The oldest monuments in CoventryCaludon CastleandSt Marys Priory and Cathedral were built in the 11th century. Both are now ruins. Coventrys newest scheduled monument isVignoles Bridge(pictured) a single-span iron footbridge over theRiver Sherbourne, made in 1835 and moved to its current location in 1969. (Fulllist…)

Neptuneis the eighth and farthest knownplanetfrom theSunin theSolar System. In the Solar System, it is the fourth-largest planet by diameter, the third-most-massive planet and the densestgiant planet. Neptune is 17times the mass ofEarth, slightly more massive than its near-twinUranus. Neptune is denser and physically smaller than Uranus because its greater mass causes more gravitational compression of its atmosphere. Neptune orbits the Sun once every 164.8yearsat an average distance of 30.1au(4.5billionkm; 2.8billionmi). It is named after theRoman god of the seaand has theastronomical symbol♆, a stylised version of the god Neptunestrident.

This picture of Neptune was taken byNASAsVoyager2spacecraft in 1989, at a range of 4.4million miles (7.1million kilometres) from the planet, approximately four days before closest approach. The photograph shows theGreat Dark Spot, a storm about the size of Earth, in the centre, while the fast-moving bright feature nicknamed the Scooter and theSmall Dark Spotcan be seen on the western limb. These clouds were seen to persist for as long as the spacecrafts cameras could resolve them.

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