The Tate Brothers were raised to protect what is theirs

Navy SEAL Wolf Tate is on a mission of vengeance. Hes willing to do whatever it takes to infiltrate the lair of his arms-dealing enemyand rescue the mother he never knew. To do this, hell need more than his fathers fortunes or his brothers-in-arms.He must find a way to kidnap his enemys daughter for leverage. Theres just one problem: She is also one of Wolfs closest friendsand the only woman hes ever loved

For years, Olivia de Santis has been waiting for Wolf to take her in his arms and make her dreams come true. But she never imagined that hed sneak into her bedroom one nightand take her as his hostage. Olivia knows she should resist himand stay loyal to her own family. But how can she deny the burning justice of Wolfs mission, and the blazing desire in his eyeseven if giving into the heat of the moment can put her in grave danger?