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In this movie, a wealthy billionaires boys group in Los Angles makes a big scam get rich quick establish in the 1980s which makes a big problem for them.

Actors:Ansel ElgortEmma RobertsJeremy IrvineKevin SpaceyRosanna ArquetteTaron EgertonThomas Cocquerel

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George is a famous boxer who is framed in a drug dealing and serving life in a Jail. He has only one chance to come from the jail he must

The corrupt F.B.I agents and his team members are dealing with the corrupt police officers and violent drug dealers in Los Angles to make money on a big scale.

Adapted from Mark Millars hyper-violent funny book of the same title, director Matthew Vaughns vigilante superhero movie tells the tale of a typical New York teenager who decides to don

Ashfaque, a small city boy, rapidly climbs the ladder of success and becomes a Bollywood celebrity. But, his life changes radically if he becomes the prime witness to a murder.

The story based on three rich brothers who are fighting for their heritage property after the death of their father and they are vying to each other to take over

Ranvir befriends a billionaire gangster, Armaan, in Turkey. He soon finds that Armaan along with his girlfriend, Omisha, caused his wife Sonias departure and strategies revenge on these.

A group of goons kills Sardar Khan. His younger son Danish vows to take revenge with his father murders, but he murdered by the gang members then his younger brother Faizal

The personal issue becomes gang war in between Fauji and reasonable man. Many people killed in the gang war. To control the situation A.C.P Pritam posted in the area which

In his movie, Parker is a thief, but he has his own rules and ethics, and he didnt break which put him in trouble and makes a cause to be

Frank Lucas takes control of his boss Ellsworth Johnsons business after the latter dies of a heart attack and expands his control to various businesses while secretly running a drug

This Girl at Yellow Boots is a thriller tracing Ruths look for her father a man she barely knew but cant overlook. Desperation drives Ruth to operate without a

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