) was established in 1998. It offersfuturesand options on majorTaiwanstock indices, government bond futures, equity options and 30-day CP interest rate futures.

The development of Taiwans futures market may be divided into two stages. In the first stage, foreign futures were allowed for trading; the second stage marked the creation of a domestic futures market. TheForeign Futures Trading Lawwas enacted in June 1992 to provide a legal basis for investors to trade at foreign futures markets. TheFutures Trading Lawwas enacted in March 1997, which replaced theForeign Futures Trading Lawand established the legal guidelines for the domestic futures market. This paved the way for the establishment of Taiwan Futures Exchange (TAIFEX) in September of the same year.2

Along the years the TAIFEX have sought to diversify its products seeking to offer more hedging vehicles for investors.

21 Jul 1998: TheTaiwan Stock Exchange Capitalization Weighted Stock Index(TAIEX) futures.

21 Jul 1999: The Taiwan Stock Exchange Electronic Sector Index futures and the Taiwan Stock Exchange Finance Sector Index futures.

20 Jan 2003: Equity options with physical settlement.

31 May 2004: The 30-Day Commercial Paper Interest Rate Futures.

28 Mar 2005: The Electronic Sector Index Options and Finance Sector Index Options.

27 Mar 2006: The MSCI Taiwan Index Futures, MSCI Taiwan Index Options and Gold Futures (all US dollar-denominated).

Fifth series of the New Taiwan Dollar banknote

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