She sat up. Really? Somehow the thought of Jason suffering as much as she was cheered her up.

Honey, it took me almost 45 minutes just to wiggle into this dress. And dont even ask how long it took to get my hair just right. She gave Ashley the once over. Youre looking pretty amazing yourself, right now.

Ashley smoothed a hand down her body-hugging strapless dress the color of the roses Jason sent. Gotta look the part, right? Lets get this show on the road and take down a hell bitch.

Ashley nodded imperceptibly in the direction of a broad-shouldered man nursing a scotch. He was checking his very expensive gold watch. Thats him, she whispered.

So speaking of crazy friends, Cara said, loud enough for the man to overhear. How is your batshit crazy girl, Victoria?

Ashley rolled her eyes and sighed dramatically. Van Camp? Oh dont even get me started on her. She is seriously one bad choice away from being involuntarily committed.

Well, she leaned in, but didnt lower her voice. You know how shes set up in her grandfathers firm, doesnt actually work there, has a bogus title, yadda yadda…

All you have to do is sleep with the CEO at your old job and then threaten to tell his wife and board of directors everything. She almost got arrested for extortion oh and a little embezzlement until Grandpa stepped in and smoothed things over. He paid them off and then set her up in this fake role just to keep an eye on her. Anyway, she decides that she doesnt make a big enough paycheck for not doing anything and decides to scam this finance guy, Rocco, Rick, Rico … something like that.

Oh shes pulling some fake insider trading bullshit to leverage this guy into giving her a job at his company.

Ashley nodded. Probably. Thats her MO. The stories she tells us at Pilates are ridiculous! She is the friend that no one would be surprised to see get arrested.

Excuse me for interrupting, the man on Ashleys right said, But your friend sounds like a whack job.

Youre not kidding, Ashley agreed. Have you ever known a woman like that? You know, someone who will do anything to get what she wants, even if it means destroying someone.

Ive known one or two. He took a sip of scotch. So what does she get out of this deal? Or does she just get off on messing with people?

Cara laughed. Oh she definitely gets off on messing with people. She told us once that in order to control people she purposely shows up late to meetings and tells them its because insert-name-of-corporate-big-wig wanted to meet with her to get her opinion on whatever, and the meeting ran late.

Well get this Ashley reached for her fresh drink. Not only was she playing this Rocco/Rick guy, she was also running a similar play on one of her co-workers, I think his name was Steven. He pissed her off a few months ago, so she decided to mess with him and give him phony insider information. Promised him a fancy job at the new company and this and that. Well, the guy wasnt very careful and just got picked up by the SEC this week!

She said shes not worried. Said once she closes this deal, shell be in the clear and can just throw Rocco under the bus for anything. Or extort him with another fake pregnancy scheme.

You know I always figured shed get arrested for murder or burning down an ex-husbands house. Insider trading sounds kind of tame for her, Cara said.

Ashley laughed. Give her time. She never disappoints, especially when shes off her meds.