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To fund his new company, Glenn gambles all the money hes earned so far on his biggest money-making scheme yet, but a major roadblock threatens to shut it all down.

Billionaire Glenn Stearns only has 90 days to build a million-dollar business. Get caught up on how close he is to his goal by watching this mid-season recap.

IMAX filmmaker Sean Casey and research meteorologist Josh Wurman head out to intercept one of natures most deadly creations, tornadoes. Their team follows the first tornado of the season as it hits Tulia, Texas, and ultimately destroys the town.

After a week spent drifting around Kansas waiting for a calm spell to end, the crew is on the hunt. They chase a huge mesocyclone across a wilderness area completely devoid of paved roads, making the storm virtually impossible to intercept.

Five weeks into their storm chasing season, IMAX filmmaker Sean Casey & meteorologist Josh Wurman are under the gun to intercept a tornado. Conflict between Josh and Sean reach new heights, and Sean begins to trust his instincts over Joshs science.

Its nearing the end of the tornado season, and although the team has collected record-breaking data, Sean has yet to get his one shot. While on their way to Woodward, Oklahoma, a tornado forms earlier than expected.

Storm season starts out deadly, and Josh and Sean race to get a bigger, badder Tornado Intercept Vehicle, TIV-2, on the road. Meanwhile, a new force of nature emerges in Tornado Alley as Reed Timmer beats the pros to get tornado intercepts.

Seans new TIV-2 chases a promising storm, but vehicle parts fly for all the wrong reasons. Reeds team pursues a monster storm as it bears down on the town of Lamesa Texas.

Tensions mount between Sean & Josh, as Reed offers to chase with the TIV. Reed chases a risky nighttime tornado into the hills of Arkansas, while Sean and Josh return to Greensburg, Kansas one year after a twister nearly wiped the town off the map.

TIV-1 makes a heroic return, but the tables turn as a monster EF-4 tornado chases the storm chasers through eastern Arkansas.

The DOW Teams in chaos as a broken radar sends Josh scrambling to fix it. Reed jumps on the opportunity to scoop the science team once again, while Danny and Aaron struggle to escape a ditch before a tornado gets too close.

With the DOW truck & all the research vehicles functioning once again, the team finds themselves hunting in the same territory as their rival Reed Timmer. Tornadoes are forming over western Kansas on what looks like the biggest day of the season.

Reed and Joshs teams struggle to find the perfect storm in Nebraska. Reeds girlfriend Jene gets lost in a deadly hailstorm while the DOW team mistakenly drives into an on-coming tornado.

As tornado season comes to a close, Sean has one last chance to get the shot of all shots from inside a tornado, while Reed pushes his team to the edge, getting closer to a twister than ever before.

Tornado season erupts early in Oklahoma. Reed gets his new Dominator too close. Tim chases multiples, and Sean battles a rain-wrapped monster.

Sean and Reed face off at the New Mexico border. Monster twisters break up everything in their paths, except the tension.

Reed steps up his science to take on Dr. Josh Wurmans massive research project. Joel has second thoughts. The fallout reaches Sean, who makes a drastic decision.