Woke protesters arent progressive they want to take us back to the stone age

French tourist boats could have catastrophic effects on seals and protected birds off Jerseys coast, experts warn

Out of the studio and into the garden: John Humphrys talks weeds, no-dig, and his love for Sir David Attenborough

Letters: Renewables alone by 2030 will not mean zero emissions but blackouts

Reusable plastic cups are better for the environment than swaps – even wooden cutlery, Greenpeace report says

The stereotype of Canada is beautiful and wild but it has a darker side

Why the end of Britains biggest garden centre group could be good news for gardeners

Breastfeed to save the planet, scientists say as study exposes infant formula damage to environment

French government struggles to allay health fears after huge chemical factory blaze causes stench

We know plastic is harming our oceans but what is it doing to our health?

Turning farmland into wildlife parks could boost farmers post-Brexit profits, campaigners say

Why should people have to put up with ugly buildings in their community?

How two kayakers fought to save a river in Snowdonia – with the help of an American clothing company

Greta Thunberg is the first saint of our cruel new environmental religion

Labours climate change policies will leave Britain cold

Britain will have toughest trophy hunting rules in the world as Government announces ban of morally indefensible act

Boris Johnson announces funding for worlds first nuclear fusion plant

After cleaning up at the Olympics, Andrew Triggs Hodge strives to turn the tide of pollution on the Thames

Grass verges will be cut just twice a year in bid to boost biodiversity, Highways England announces

Trees could replace air con: buildings around trees are cooler, study by Forestry Commission finds

Is economic growth a friend or foe to the environment? Telegraph readers share their views

Electric cars explained  should I buy an EV, and will it save me money?

Slow eco-friendly washing machine cycles put more plastic in the environment, tests show

The Green Taliban will sweep away our liberal order unless we get a grip on climate change

Who is Greta Thunberg? The 16-year-old activist every leader on the planet wants to meet

The battle of nature versus nuclear: will Sizewell C destroy Minsmere nature reserve?

Eating meat could be banned like smoking, says top barrister, as he calls for new crime of ecocide

Do trees really help to keep our brains healthy?

Every child in Britain must spend a night under the stars as too many have lost touch with nature, government warned

Five climate change protesters arrested as Britain braces for weekend of chaos

Our children deserve better than Extinction Rebellions dangerous fantasies. Sadly their teachers are encouraging them

Paper tigers: Indias big cat surveys over reporting numbers

Theres an easy way to slash your environmental impact: go vegan

When it comes to wine, is a bottle or bag-in-box better for the environment?

Graeme Gibson, experimental novelist and environmental activist who was a source of great support to his wife, Margaret Atwood obituary

Face of one of our most mysterious ancestors revealed from DNA

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