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Glenn sinks everything into Underdog BBQs big debut and first chance to make money. But before the cash register even opens, the teams plan goes up in flames, threatening the future of the company before the 90-day deadline.

The Howes take on building and testing a prop vehicle for a major motion picture. Meanwhile the crew moves forward on the Riptide amphibious vehicle, including a dangerous test of its escape hatch system underwater.

Time is ticking on the Riptide project. The Howe & Howe team bears down, but their first test with the Riptide is disasterous. But its not all bad news. Mikes seemingly tangent project — a turret for the Riptide — is an explosive success.

Its the 11th hour for the Howe & Howe team, one week before they present the amphibious Riptide to the Army. With a key member in the hospital, the team will have to scramble more than ever to fix what caused catastrophic engine failure.

Trapped in the jagged canyons of Croatias Velebit Mountain, new partners Grady and Josh must work together to navigate the frigid, fast-moving rapids, and descend treacherous waterfalls in order to find salvation in this remote landscape.

Grady and Josh slash their way through the Nicaraguan jungle battling snakes, mosquitoes and dehydration. They struggle to start a fire using a soil testing kit, go on a nighttime hunt for caiman and build a raft to cross croc-infested waters.

On the punishing slopes of Bulgarias Rila Mountains, Grady and Josh face a whiteout blizzard, freezing temps and a run-in with a deadly predator. They must use unconventional methods to secure fire, shelter and food on this quest for civilization.

Shipwrecked on an island in the South China Sea, castaways Grady and Josh demonstrate their resourcefulness by repurposing garbage on the beach to desalinate water, construct shelter, hunt for food, and ultimately signal for rescue.

Stranded in the high altitudes of the Peruvian Andes, Grady and Josh battle crippling altitude sickness and the hallucinations that come with it. They must find fresh water fast in order to navigate this rough landscape in pursuit of civilization.

Air Force veteran Bo McGlone teams up with former Green Beret Grady Powell on Wyomings frigid Big Horn Mountains in the dead of a brutal winter. Navigating the exhausting, snowy terrain will push them to their limits.

Military Veterans Grady Powell and Bo McGlone are dropped into separate locations of a Colombian jungle to play out a military operation gone awry. With only a map and machete, they must survive in the dense jungle while trying to find rescue.

Dual Survival has featured incredible survival tricks that have shown viewers how to acquire food, shelter, fire and water in the wilderness.This Ultimate Survival Bible features some of the most innovative approaches to survival ever shown.

Two Naked and Afraid super fans get one-on-one intensive primitive survival training with veteran survivalist, Gabrielle, before attempting a full 21-day challenge alongside all-stars Matt Wright and Gary Golding.

Naked and Afraid XL takes a sneak peak into the toughest ever survival challenge. Twelve Naked and Afraid veterans will attempt to last 40 days and 40 nights in the Colombian badlands. Will their enemy be Mother Nature or each other?

Naked & Afraid XL drops twelve veteran survivalists into the badlands of Colombia. Their challenge is to survive 40 days & 40 nights with no food, water, or clothes. Standing in their way are deadly predators, the stifling heat and each other.

After a week of being dropped into the dangerous and desolate badlands of Colombia with no food or water, one survivalist has already tapped out, another is on the brink, and hunger, thirst, and distrust are threatening to take down several more.

After fourteen days, many who remain are struggling to adapt to their environment and each other. Some consider migrating to try and find new resources, while in other camps tension continues to rise and may lead to our second tap out of the season.