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Episode 8 Final Reckoning Season Finale Discussion

Undercover in Erie: Businessman makes gift to Gannon SBDC – News – [SPOILERS]

And he is Not even a Billionaire..**SHOCKED**

Ok so Ive worked more jobs in the restaurant biz than most and things are REALLY starting to peg my BULLSHIT meter. Well OK it was pegged a few weeks ago but in this latest episode – heres what I saw.

Theres a TON of metal sheet trays, bowls, knives, etc. You know, all the things you need in a kitchen. They just magically appeared.

Then theres the real smokers that they just happened to buy or get with the rent of the new restaurant? Nothing about that shit in any of the episodes. They just magically appeared like the tires from the 2nd episode and the cars/house/buyers.

What about all those brand new picnic tables? Wow there were a bunch of those things that look brand new and now theyre here to take care of all the customers. Whered they come from? The picnic table rental business is obviously THRIVING in Erie PA. Who knew there are all these picnic tables available for rent? But none of that was mentioned in the episode so well just assume they were donated.

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When Glenn received the telephone call that the first restaurant lease fell through he is parked outside of the final location of Underdog BBQ. See attached street view he was parked where the Jeep is located, Underdog BBQ is next door. I think this whole show is bullshit.