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What happened to Undercover Billionaire thread?

What happened to Undercover Billionaire thread?

I wonder if Underdog was not doing as well as they had hoped, so they leaked info to create a buzz. I feel like I need to give my thoughts on Underdogs food. Ive had it twice now, once at the rib fest and once last week at the restaurant. At rib fest the pulled pork was fatty. At the restaurant I got ribs and the next guest was told that they were out of ribs, chicken, collard greens, and cheesecake. It wasnt that late when I ate, maybe 5:30, so that was poor management. The ribs didnt fall off the bones like I enjoy, or like I was told by the waitress that they would. And I dont like their bbq sauce. Over all I was disappointed.

What??? Drop a guy off in Erie PA with 100$ and I bet they end up selling dope on 23rd and Ash.

Seriously… and how did no one here of this guys 90 day hustle while in town?

I knew people who worked on the filming of this and they came to an event we managed. Really shady things happened all around tbh.

So, I lived in Erie for a short summer 13 years ago and grew up not far from Chambersburg. Heres ashot-by-shot comparison I wroteof how the car flipping scenes were staged 5 hours away.

Even if the show is staged, its very motivational and inspiring. Im sure his credit is a huge factor of getting approved on a flip house.

He stoles tires and sold them. Again this was setup and not earned as Glen claims. I mean the guy could have drove around town himself and found the tire. Then he meets the guys were he found. BS!! The cars purchases was rigged and set up. You think a dealership would sell a car for $700 thats worth $4900? They could have offd them to another lot for the $1200 they were asking. And then take note of his $ balance as he sells the vehicles. Did he not pay anything for the SUV and take all the profit not paying a dime for it? Ive gone are and called many car dealerships across the nation, all said they wouldnt sell to public like that. Just saw the episode where Greg Stearns gets in Christines face while shes on the phone. I wonder if what he would to do someone that did that to him? Very misogynistic and honestly bullying the way he got into face and pressed her clearly seeing her distraught. I dont see what he did honestly?

He took chances, worked hard and made something from nothing, with the help of a few hard working people. Thats what he did. Talking about doing something, you ought to take a grammer class or two, yours is horrible. js

Great show. Sure it would be harder if one didnt have a camera crew following them around all day. It still shows in America one can still make it with hard work and determination. Some of these comments are asinine though, most definitely written by lazy, the world owes me, morons. You folks need to grow up, lifes hard. Its really hard if your stupid.

Exactly. Glenn did a great job evaluating people, hiring the right people with great skills and then determining who were the best leaders, as well as managing funds, and helping the team members grow to their full potential as people. That is very hard and he did it amazingly well. He also did a ton of work managing and delegating. Communist kids in these comments be like look maybe he cheated and he is a capitalist booo he just used people. They need to grow up. Capitalism is the only system that has taken the world out of poverty and improved the quality of living in the west.

The show was great, by the way. Congrats to the whole team for this lifechanging experience and best wishes for continued success! I see great customer reviews for the food online, and the quality of service and interior atmosphere. Amazing job!