Ive only seen the first episode but I can tell that this is a show Ill be watching regularly. Having been in a similar situation and learning how to crawl out of a tough situation, I find it very inspiring. Im very anxious to see how he pulls it off (creating a million $ business in 90 days). My situation didnt improve as much as Glenns did unfortunately! (I have to assume he succeeds in his mission because I dont see the show being aired if he doesnt pull it off). To sum up my review: Great show Discovery Channel! I highly recommend it!

One of The Most Heart Warming Series That Ive Ever Watched!!!

Basically, the guys story for the locals is that he just gave up his corporate job at age 55 to start his own business and the film crew is documenting his success or failure as he makes the journey, for a TV show. He arrives in the area in a private jet and steps outside as a poor guy, $100 in pocket, a cellphone with no contacts in it and a rickety old truck. From there, he goes to work placing online ads and applying for jobs. By the end of the week, hes turned that $100 into over $400. Honestly, just seeing a Billionaire who isnt scared of manual labor is a breath of fresh air! Watched the 2nd episode this week. It was better than the first. Glen got food poisoning and had to go to the hospital. It didnt stop him for long though. Before the day was out, he was out digging thru trash piles and made either $1500 or 1600 that day selling his finds. He rented a $435 apartment (no more sleeping in his truck) and then made a $700 purchase that he flipped for $3900. I definitely have respect for this guy. Well, tonight was the series finale. And, I have to say that it was incredible! They did a 60 days later bit also. And, by then, they had a staff of 40-50 workers and there was talk of franchising the brand. Not only that. Glen also started a foundation to help start other small businesses in the local area. And, he made several team members part owners as well as gave everyone who had put in sweat equity checks for their time. It was a truly incredible series!

This show is great for anybody who doesnt believe in themselves and doesnt know if theyre good enough to chase their dreams. Your family, friends, and anybody who isnt you will not believe your most wonderful dreams are possible. Glenn Stearns proves that with a little hard work, patience, and perseverance, everything is possible. Self-esteem and success shouldnt be mutually exclusive. No matter who is in what office of any government, the people will always have the heart, soul, and mind to achieve anything they set out to do. Once youre feeling a little inspired by something, pay it forward!!!! All you need is love. And thats what Undercover Billionaires is about; the intangibles, not millions of dollars.

Finally, a TV series that makes people think in a positive and in an inspiring way! Everyone should watch this show because it actually teaches ordinary people HOW to get out there and make an honest living! No excuse for laziness and a life of crime stealing from others when YOU can use YOUR brain and make a few bucks with little in your pocket! It proves that you dont have to rely on the government for anything! Get out there an look for creative ways to put money in your pocket – not by stealing, killing someone else because you dont want to work hard to make money. The Government only wants to keep you down and dumb so they can control your mind and make you a slave to them!

This is how you make a documentary TV series.

It is well shot, well paced, well edited and follows the story with a great plot. Really interesting concept for the reality show.

I dont care if its fake, its entertaining and I enjoy every minute of it.

Show me where anybody with no job is going to be given a loan to buy a house by a bank with no JOB… AND a $10,000.00 cash loan to fix the house up with. NEVER going to happen. Never going to happen!!

I first heard about this billionaire, when he was worth about $100 million, back in the early 2000s. He was living in Orange County CA, building company. I remember hearing his wife say that on their first date, as he was telling her a story about his past, she all of a sudden knew that he was the man she was going to spend her life with. So happy to see that they have been married for 16-years now. I recall that she was a news reporter working in L.A. To help her deal with the rush hour drive, he hired her a personal driver to make the daily commute.

Now about the show. Not much happens in the first episode with regards to seeing him build a business. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that this is not like other business reality shows in that the entire season takes us through this one billionaires journey rather than a new store, new billionaire each week.

Even though he states several times, that he has a cover story about why their are cameras following him around, I have to assume that in reality, some if not most of the people in the town, knew right away that all was not as it was presented to them. Lets face it, when was the last time someone made a reality show about a homeless man trying to find a job and create a life in a small town? Thats basically the cover story he and the show are claiming to be selling to the small town community.

I plan to DVR the entire season not just because I am an entrepreneur but also because I happen to like the guy as I had a very good impression, reading about him and seeing a video of him in the early 2000s, seeing his home and his wedding that he had in his Newport Beach backyard.

Episode 3, This guy is able to secure a housing loan with a fake name, no residence established and no steady income.

The lessons within the show alone are invaluable because he can truly be applied in real life to achieve similar results. It just takes a unique perspective in order to assimilate & apply what hes sharing.

I truly hope this show inspires people to realize that it doesnt matter where youre at in life, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

The whole idea behind the show is flawed. It is impossible to make 1million from nothing in such a short time period! It takes time to save some money for starting capital, establish connections, build a reputation etc… We are talking for at least 10 years of hard work to get to that figure legally. Nobody, will do business with you or lend you money just like that. Couldnt be further away from the truth. Thats why the American dream is dead!

So far this is an unbelievable process. Flipping $3000 cars for almost $10G, with a car wash. OK, not likely but Could happen, I guess. Obtaining a construction loan on the house with a fake name and background and no income IS NOT going to happen. Unless he had help from the network, at a minimum its fraud and the show does not explain this impossibility. He wants to flip for $80K. Again, not likely and also how will he get the cash for the profits with fake ID and background. Since this is a lynch pin of the show its already foolish. Without explaining the mortgage loan, the concept falls apart. Even a no docs mortgage requires a credit score… More Fraud?

Come on discovery, lets be real for a minute. the only way this idea could properly be executed would be by using a real person, real name etc and undercover hidden cameras.. as is, everyone is playing it up for the camera, looking for advertising, self promotion etc. It just cant work. The show fails on the most basic level as it would be impossible for anyone to do much of these things without proper identification, background checks etc. anyway.. good idea, but its a fail.

The show is OK and the lessons are valuable and motivating However I wouldnt call it starting with just 100$ and a car. it is also starting with: * on the spot medical care (when he got ill) * a camera crew from Discovery behind you * people willingly doing stuff for free for you (maybe to get on TV ) * some tires worth 1k$+ just when you were out of money But overall, it is entertaining and worth watching. I just wouldnt be so ambitious with the storyline.

From only watching 3 episodes, I can already tell you that this is a show worth watching! It highlights what it means to be american! From the BBQ rubs, beer, and location. This is one of my all time favorites!

Billionaire gets dropped into erie pa, with in a week finds a business partner after spending a couple hours making his shirts at his business for $60 ? Lmfao

So, a guy gets dropped off in Erie, PA with $100 in cash, a cell phone with internet access (and knowledge and access to job posting sites), and a large truck that appears to be full of gas. I feel for him because hes really got it tough. In the end he has the means, the knowledge and the experience that is needed to survive…so dont waste your time (because it wont work for you). This may have some good educational information, but most of the people that really need it probably arent watching.

First of all, a giant thumbs up for this fantastic idea and the audacity to do it. I couldnt wait for every new part of the show, no matter how much critcism I will have later in this text. Thats what the show is all about : have a good time, and if it makes you think, even better. With this review, I would like to point out the vision of a European entrepreneur and stress a few elements that were left out -to my humble opinion – by previous reviewers. Take the example of Glenn going to the hospital. The man isnt 18 anymore and that was revealed to him in a clear way. He had to vomit over and over again, so he went. Once there it turned out he was dehydrated and not kept warm enough. In Europe, such a visit would have cost you only the money you would have put in the coffee machine. In Europe every country is much different, but nevertheless. I have had surgery on my head for cancer (thats why I feel somehow connected to Glenn) in London : havent paid a single dime. Of course, a few things reflect in taxes we pay. But the US isnt tax-friendly either. Because Glenn starts with $ 100, most of the reviewers take it for granted that Glenn must be poor and that he shouldnt have bankaccounts or insurance. This is not necessarily so. Of course, 100 bucks isnt much and it will bring you not very far, but it is just done this way so that everyone can recognize himself in it. To give every body the same start position. Whatever you had or you have, well start with 100 bucks. In reality, nobody starts with 100 $. I opened my registration in commerce with 15 bucks in my pocket. 15 years before, this was enough. However, I was a degreed software engineer. My degree wasnt worth a single dime. But the cost to obtain it, didnt have to go off my 15 bucks anymore, and I could start earning the next month 5000 bucks. Therefore, I wouldnt criticize Glenn so much on his « Cadillac » health insurance. Nor on his house that he bought – of course – with his own name. Of course, he couldnt buy it on his artists name. But reviewers forget that we ourselves dont have to buy on our artists name neither. Therefore, Glenn isnt betraying anybody or his own goal. But, where it deals with the amount of time before you get a house bought : definitely yes, it isnt possible in two days. I believe, not only Glenn did buy the house on his own name, he didnt ask for a loan in the first place, so things could go faster. This, in Europe, wouldnt be possible, because my wife would have to be involved, there is indeed the scrutiny of your income, the credit records and moreover the obligation that the first house you buy must be the one you will be living in. If youre not a home owner yet, you cannot do a buytosell. The process of buying/selling would also take three to four months each, because the Notary has to do a lot of research. But, Im willing to give Glenn on this idea some credit, cause Im happy as well when my 1 million dollar company would have taken six months instead of three. Its about the idea. Moreover, its the ribfest that finally paid most. And there we come to an interesting part. The people who worked at ribfest werent paid for their work. That was discussed up front, so, okay. What I discovered at the final episode, is that nobody had part of the company. I understood, took for granted, that the people who said yes to the famous question : are you in or out ?would go for an adventure, and if it all worked out, they would have part of the company. But it turned out to my utmost greatest surprise that they got zip. Finding people who are willing to jump in such an adventure, would be very difficult in Europe, not having a part of the company would end up in the strongest expressions of how well you would do by disappearing the fastest possible. And with right, because I feel like this is abuse. No matter the cheques he has written to the people afterwards. What was interesting, is the message that you first must have enough money to be able to live off, before you can start investing time, energy and money into a new project. That took Glenn crucial days of his 90 days he had, for something that in my eyes is out of the subject. I wanted to see how he was going to build his commpany, not how he could turn 30 dollars in 3000 dollars. In fact, by choosing the starting money so low, Glenn had to go through very stringent situations, that delivered nice television, but not really a contribution to the project, but it was taking away crucial days. Having chosen $ 500 to $ 1000, would have been as realistic and as feasable for Mr You-and-I. Well, at least the 500. The most crucial point of the project was actually not the end, but the start. Where he takes the decision to start brewing. I understand the show is for entertainment only, but we were left out of a lot of things here where I was maybe the most interested in. Yes, there was a small glimpse of somebody of the Gannon Universitys SBDC, who gave some of the utmost simple market research on beer against coffee. When the team was put together, Matt Sanders of the beer wrote a full business plan, but much more of a few intersecting circles were not seeable. The thing is that this is not doing business. Brewing takes a huge time for licences, but also a huge investment of infrastructure and know-how. All of these elements need to be taken into consideration before you start. Glenn should have sit together and all of the data should have contributed already to the business plan. In the show, the plan that Matt made came too late and was not the result of mutual work. Businessplans are more of a European approach, the Americans tend to say :every businessplan stops with the first customer. I guess Americans count more on flexibility. But I cant know, because those business angels who always know so well and laugh with us, fundsearchers, also tend not to answer. I have no feedback to do it better the next time. I am very disappointed in the American Venture capital world, for that reason. Maybe that is the reason also why Americans arent sure any more about their American Dream. When I first saw that in this show, I was astonished. The Americans really have to do something about that, because without hope, life becomes unbearable. But luckily, Glenn and Discovery do their part ! The second part where the show left us, viewers with business experience, on our hunger is there where the restaurant was chosen as direction to pivot to. Good idea to show what is « pivoting » (for more info, read the book « Lean Startup » by Eric Ries), but a restaurant ? Everybody knows this is a businessmodel with very strict margins. Nobody said anything, and went for it. I suspect television has interfered :everybody knows a restaurant , its visual and stressy. Plays good on tv. I find it very coincidence that the timing of a ninety days period fell so perfectly for the Rib Fest, that I practically cannot believe that this is not prepared. « Were creating a rib restaurant, and tadaa : there is a rib festivity in this city, we find rib fest specialists that have time for these underdogs without a single dime : too much coincidence is no coincidence. What we practically do not see, is the division of the company in three : the restaurant, the selling of the « undergrog » beer, and the selling of the sauces. I did not see until the very latest how a restaurant would get to six figures. Exactly those parts pushing the company over the six figures have been left out (kept secret ?) I was very curious how this professional would choose the business model of his next company with potential, but … I dont know : from serving coffee (not enough volume) to brewing beer (too much capital, in Europe : the selling of beer is plummeting) to a restaurant. So many other business models , subjects and opportunities were kept undiscovered. Valuation goes easily into high figures, but you dont have that in concrete money into your hand. There are hundreds of different calculating methods. Glenn says : « I finally agreed with the inspector on a value of $ 750.000 », and that is what a valuation is all about : that all agrees on it. But I would have developed this to the viewer a bit more. There is clearly a difference in value of a restaurant and a restaurant with a national brand of sauces and beer. Overall, a good show that was entertaining, made me think, loosened some emotions , made me a bit jealous maybe. I would have made some different choices in the editing clearly. I congratulate Glenn Steurns and his team for their realizations, and wish them all the best.

Seems that it is the little school of the enterprenning and seems that there are a lot of real scenes but acquaring the loan from the bank with no deposit, not bank history, not the mortgage is a little bit much staged.Pitty, because the general idea of realizing the American dream in 90 days is wonderfool.

Could this show be anymore exciting! Im sorry but I found this show to be soooo boring. Glenns voice is irritating as well (sorry Glenn). I dont know who decided this type of show would be a good idea, maybe it would have been with someone else as the star but not him. After just 2 episodes I took it off my recording list.

When I started to watch the show I was excited to jot down some helpful tips. Yet, as the show went on I realized some plot holes………

………I know some hospitals have a co-pay, but there is still a bill. A bill that he is not including in his budget to pay back or mentioning.

………How did he drive as much as he did with the dually? I had two, and they are gas guzzlers. There is no way he drove as much as he did, without the gas giving him a problem. His budget would be a bit sacrificed.

………Most people would not be willing to work without pay, especially having families. That was because of cameras, type of thing.

………Another thing is, he was able to get that flipper home so easily due to his credit score, which a lot of people are lacking. How did he get a loan without a job? Was his loan a shark loan? The construction loans are not too common with regular banks, but more common with shark loans. Just because he said program does not mean, safe or logical.

All I am saying is that as the show goes on, there are things that do not fit. If people think it would work for them, I hope they realize cameras and other conditions would make their situation different then his. The rich has a way to swindle their way, that is why they are rich.

Yeah i have a bunch of usless tyres, make me rich….

The moral of the show was to create a million dollar business, which will never happen without owning a building. This show also has guidelines of being discreet without anyone knowing his name, The next episode prevew says he himself let his name out and a member of his group confirms this, which means the show is over. He needs to pay out his million and stop all episodes, as he has breached his own rules. They can not make any more shows as he is making money on these. Law wise I believe he can not get payed for any episode as he breached. This show was an impossible task before is started and needs to be removed as it attacks alot of business owners at how stupid they are because they cant do this in a period on a year etc. Just another rich man fails in todays world.