A group of wealthy boys in Los Angeles during the early 1980s establishes a get rich quick scam that turns deadly.

this movie was crafted just for me because i love taron egerton and ansel elgort and im too stupid to understand the big short. & its fun! sometimes you just have to watch two beautiful blonde boys pop their collars and gel their hair for 90 minutes. this is dumbass bitch cinema and if youre looking for more than just eggsys jawline then great! go back to your scorsese movie! my standards are below the earths surface

I definitely didnt watch this again Im just here to say it literally made a whooping $618 opening day lmao fuck you Kevin Spacey

Ive heard my whole life that love has no limits. Well, let me tell you, none of you whove said that have had to watch Billionare Boys Club for your Taron Egerton obssesed boyfriend.

Wanted to be fun like The Big Short and The Wolf of Wall Street but was just flea market versions

not as bad as i was expecting it to be??? the plot was a little hard to follow, especially bc i just Dont Know what any of it means irl anyway, but i got the gist. ansel and taron being the leading boys was nice. tarons accent was a mix of terrifying and kinda hot?? deans such an asshole tho and he reminded me of this one friend i used to have that i Dont like anymore and i cant believe what he did at the end but 🤷‍️

NachWonderland2003 widmet sichBrian Boxwieder der Verfilmung eines realen Verbrechens bzw der kriminellen Machenschaften des sogenannten Billionaire Boys Club in dem sich Anfang der 80er-Jahre in Los Angeles einige wohlhabende junge Männer mit Hilfe des Ponzi-Schemas bereicherten. Was sich nach einer Lightversion vonThe Wolf of Wall Streetanhört, ist am Ende genau das: Eine solide Lightversion vonThe Wolf of Wall Street.Ansel Elgortund vor allemTaron Egertonspielen ihre im Grunde nicht besonders sympatischen Figuren dann doch am Ende mit gengend Charisma, dass einem das Schicksall der beiden nicht vollständig egal ist; auch wenn beide genau das am Ende bekommen, was sie verdient haben. Beide werden aber damm doch in ihren gemeinsamen Szenen von

One day when I have the means, Im going to make a video on YouTube or whatever the cool version of that is by then called Im a filmmaker. Itll be the making of those obligatory party scenes in these movies but well see the camera guy walking around people and getting way too close as people say their lines and extras have non-versations and someones waiting for their cue to fall into a pool and itll go on for too long. Then Ill revisit this movie and review it with a link to the video and my holy work will be done.

1. they threaten a dog with a gun, i dont like it

2. also this movie is like nepotism central, almost every single cast member comes from famous families and they all look the same

Billionaire Boys Club could have been a good one but failed in execution.

It felt way to rushed. We never got to know most of the characters and I had a lot of questions throughout the movie that was never answered.

I guess the actors did an ok enough job with the material, but their performance felt a bit rushed as well.

It didnt really have that 80s feel I was hoping for either…

Based on a true story? Wasnt this in New York? Eh, it wasnt exactly a smart movie.

I can only imagine how Kevin Spacey felt being surrounded by all those pretty well-dressed good looking young boys!

The last few years have not only brought LGBTQ+ films and stories further into the mainstream, but queer films have

[after his parents have left, thinking he is ill]They bought it. Incredible! One of the worst performances of my

This is a list of period films organized by the year or decade they were set in. Within each year

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