SIP Performance ( Rs 10,000 Invested Monthly )

= 600000

= 600000

= 600000

minimum scheme.launchDate date:yyyy-MM-dd

maximum scheme.nav.navDate date:yyyy-MM-dd

sipCalculation.minDate date:MMM dd,yyyy to sipCalculation.maxDate date:MMM dd,yyyy

sipReturnData.latestNav (as on sipReturnData.latestNavDate date:MMM dd,yyyy )

0 is one of the scheme.productLabel lowercase scheme.schemeCategory lowercase plans offered by The plan was launched on scheme.launchDate date:MMMM dd, yyyy and has a current Net Asset value (NAV) of scheme.nav.navValue INR. The minimum investment required for this plan is scheme.minInvestment INR with SIP investing starting at scheme.sipMinAmount INR . If you are interested in investing in the plan or if you are looking for more details before investing, reach out to FundsInn team and based on your investment goals we will share the best steps to take.



Invest/Buy mutual funds systematically every month.