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Today you have the ability to unlock the most powerful trading my trading Carrier,I have been using this indicator to take a perfect entry and exit with nice safe profit.And with full trust,Today Im sharing this secret strategy with you.Great fund manager never risk their trade on one single order,instead they take more trade orders at different instrument to build an effective balanced portfolio.

This indicator will help you toanalyse best arbitrage optionsquickly with user friendly custom parameters.

This indicator willmonitor multiple currencycorrelated with our basket of three currency pair to pull a perfect entry.

You have to input three currency pairs that should be categorized underpositive correlated,neutral correlated and negative correlated currency pair.


1.On default setting,You shouldbuy all three currency pair when ATI moves below 35 Level.

1.On default setting,You shouldsell all three currency pair when ATI moves above 65 Level.

Although no additional indicator is required, you can definitely combine other indicators with Arbitrage Thief Index to form your trading strategy.

Avoid trading during high-volatility/news events.It is highly rewarding to master this indicator. Practice your strategy before going live.

hello i bought your indicator and installed it with the EA do i have to put it on a single pair of correlation? Do I have to program TP and SL? or leave everything by default

4 weeks testing, the indicator + EA were great, always positive, it can work on large investment.

Its one of the best correlation trading indicator, for those who want to try or use correlation strategy trading. This is the one you need !!!

This indicator and the strategy are awesome. Ive tested it on my tiny real account and was quite successful with it if you follow the rules. Im moving to my bigger account. Thank you, Philips!

Grate indicator, easy to use. quite accurate signal of selected currency basket price reversal.


38% net gain from 1st may till 6 june. (lot 0.02 per 100usd). great product and author.

The strategy behind the indicator is very good. It is a very professional operating technique. If you want to operate a large investment fund this is your indicator, if on the contrary you are looking for unusual returns and with great risk, look for martingale robots that will exploit your account.

Arbitrage Thief Index is very professional and very safe.

Good indicator but too much false signals, I tested with very uncorrelated symbols and sometime the trades are in loss.

Great product. Great support. Follow the authors recommendations and money management. 5 stars.

Supreme indicator! Very nice support from author. Thanks a lot!

A excellent indicator, it works like author said, it is amazing. I have followed his trades and all of them go to profit, incredible. Thanks.

But if you want to keep the secret logic of the indicator, then you should hide the Blue, Red and Green lines.

Good tools, very useful. The support is very good.

Very good. Safe and suitable entries wth nice profit

I believe this indicator has a great potential and support from author is first class. Thank you.

What can I say other than this product is awesome. Used it on my live account and saw what was advertised but greed got the better of me and I broke the rules which messed me up but if you follow the rules laid out you WILL MAKE MONEY. Trust me.

I recommend this product wholeheartedly . Best Product Ive bought so far.

I have been trying 2-leg correlation strategies for a long time with periods of drawdown and not much success. This is a solid 3-leg (pair) strategy, backed up by statistics. This is a stunning strategy with hopefully stunning long term results. My visual backtests are no less than awesome!

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