Undercover Billionaire – Make A Million In 90 Days

Last night the new show came on the Discovery channel called Undercover Billionaire, you know I had to watch this. A rags to riches man says It can be done, even if you are poor. He gives up everything except $100, a cell phone and an old pick up truck. He is homeless and had 90 days to get rich. His first task is to get a home and food for the month. This is real life and he shows you how to do it. I am sure this show will disappoint many because its not a sit down and get rich doing nothing, this man works and no job it beneath him. I loved it, so I will watch next Tuesday night at 9 pm. Have you watched anything new that is interesting?

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I already know the secret to wealth: join myLot!

Now the cat is out of the bag, I mean the secret mylot riches.

So no one is just going to give me a million dollars? He doesnt tell me how I can just make a million dollars with no effort? That show sucks then

I watched a few episodes of Last Chance U on Netflix, it was somewhat interesting.

I do not have netflix Nope you can not inherit this fortune.

@andriaperryOh your missing out on some good shows. Netflix has some pretty good ones.

@Bensen32Later I will probably cancel dish and watch netflix

That is why I am watching. I watched extreme coupons a couple times and I got how they did this, I got free bath and body products and I ate free or cheap for years.

@andriaperryI watch that few times but in Croatia kupons are rare.

@andriaperryI have never seen this show. I am sure I would not watch it. I have heard about people starting out poor and getting rich.

@andriaperryTo those that got rich after growing up poor. They became million or even billionaires.

I had not heard of this show, but the concept of it sounds fascinating to me. I may have to look that up. I wonder if it is available for streaming on Netflix or Prime?

I don`t know. Yeah I can pick up on things easy, especially with money.

@andriaperryMe too. And there is always a tip or two to be found. Anything I can pick up from it, Im game for that.

@andriaperryMaybre we can earn how to become rich

That does sound interesting. I will have to wait for it to make netflix.

@andriaperryUsually about that. I can check Hulu too. Some shows are available there a day after they air.

It sounds like a fun concept, discovery sure does come up with interesting shows. I have been trying to get through a Sims 4 series done by a youtuber. It is pretty much like watching a TV show, so much drama.

That is the sort of show I like to see. Down to earth with no bragging

He left his rich life to prove it can be done.

Usually I watch a lot of new shows this time of year; but Ive been spending time on the computer instead.

I turn off for a few hours every night to sit with Tony and watch t.v.

I could watch a show like that, I might have to check it out. I have not seen anything new that is of interest right now.

what channel does Undercover Billionaire come on. I like shows like this.

Nothing new, still looking. I have been watching So You Think You Can Dance. The new season started recently.

I use to watch but Tony doesnt like it, and since he is sick I let him have the t.v.