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Every aspiring entrepreneur should know Mark Cuban as the billionaire investor and judge on ABCs show Shark Tank. Between his sometimes crazy antics and the characters of the other sharks, the show practically serves as a bible for anyone looking to pitch their ideas to a VC.

During this years SXSW, Mark Cuban shared in his keynote speech what its like behind the scenes of his show. His comments were recorded and transcribed byBusiness Insiderwhere he speaks on the secrets behind the show and whats really going on in Cubans head when entrepreneurs are pitching their ideas. This is a must read for all entrepreneurs.

Cuban shared what a typical day shooting Shark Tank is like:

We get there in the morning. We go on stage at 8:00 which means I get there about 7:45. I rush my suit on. That gives them less time to do makeup and more time to screw up my hair. They start bringing in the deals at about 8:15. We sit there, they set up the set-up thing that you see then the stage manager or producer basically says, Its [X-Person] and [Y-Person] and those are the two names. Then they come in; were not allowed to use our phones or our tablets. You see us pick up whatever pads we have and pick up our pen and we start taking notes and they start pitching.

This is what he said about how much of the show is real and how much is staged:

Its all real. Theres nothing fixed and nothing staged. Literally those deals go from 30 minutes for just stupid-ass ones to 2.5 hours for some people.

He then shared what its like whenever someones pitch pisses him off:

The people who are true entrepreneurs, I want to be as supportive as I can. I want to protect them against Kevin [OLeary].

There are some gold diggers, which is someone whos just doing it for the PR and they have no intention of doing a deal. You can tell because [in one case], they had $600,000 in sales and they wanted $100,000 for 1% some amount that doesnt reflect the valuation.

I love the scams. With these life pills you can go 8 days without eating. Obviously [ABC] edits [the pitch] so it goes down from 2.5 hours down to a half-hour down to 8 to 14 minutes. And so knowing its going to be edited, Ill rail into them and say like, F*ck you, theres NO WAY I love to mess with them.

Cuban was asked if the other sharks get along and whats going on inside their heads:

We all get along but when youre there from 8:00 in the morning until whenever we finish, and theres 8, 10, 12 deals coming through and youre shooting 89 hour days, just like any family you get annoyed as all get-up.

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We all have our ways of doing things. Ill try to give [entrepreneurs] advice and this and that, Lori [Greiner] wants to tell a story about how when she had nothing and this and that, Robert [Herjavec] wants to talk about his family being from Croatiaand all the other Sharks, their minds are everywhere else and I just cant help but have a reaction so thats when they show me making these dumb-ass faces all the time.

This is what happens after the show if an entrepreneur is lucky enough to land a deal:

We get the opportunity to do due diligence. 6070% of my deals close. In [one] case, it was from some tiny town in the state of Washington, there were four owners, but the husband of one of these owners thought it was unconstitutional to pay income tax. He had never filed his taxes* ever. Im like, Ok so, its going to be on national TV, what do you think happens next? Theyre not coming after you, theyre going to come after me.

Mark Cuban is a celebrity billionaire; so what is it about the show he really loves?

The reason I love doing the show and its a lot of work its the 1 show on television watched by families. Everyday I have people coming up to me saying, My son My daughterthey love the show and we watch it together on Friday nights.

Every parent wants their child to live the American dream. Shark Tank reinforces the American dream is alive and well. The show is real, its our money, we get along, but it does get intense.

NextShark is a leading source covering Asian American News and Asian News including business, culture, entertainment, politics, tech and lifestyle.

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NextShark is a leading source covering Asian American News and Asian News including business, culture, entertainment, politics, tech and lifestyle.

For advertising and inquiries:[emailprotected]