Previous report is available here:Arbitrage Fund Biweekly report 1

First of all, here are the highlights of the report 2:

Little recap of those 2 firsts rounds profit

During those 15 days, we made 1001 trades on both Binance and Coss (588 BC trades and 413 CB trades):

Below youll find some data regarding volume of each pairs for this second round:

Not on the graph, but ETH/BTC pair generated of a volume of 4.27 BTC

We are pretty happy with the results we made during this round, our main goal is obviously to continue our growth but at the same time keeping a decent amount of profit for the funders. During the first Round we made around 2.4% on a monthly basis, here we are at 3% on a monthly basis. A possible goal would be to stay over 2% per month while growing in this bear market.

From my past experience arbitraging between Binance and Poloniex in December, I can only say that those figures are nothing in comparison with what Ive known before, we are slowly building something that will have its full potential in the next bull run, and we are very fine with that.

In the last report we told you we wanted to create new bridges to arbitrage between exchanges, and we targeted Bitfinex to arbitrage Fiat pairs on Coss. After running some test scripts to determine if there were opportunities, we decided to wait until we start seing more opportunities and also until EUR and GBP pairs are available on Coss.

In the meantime we had to choose another way, and we decided to go for a crypto-crypto exchange. After testing so many exchanges (using the CCXT library) we found that Kucoin was one of the best options we got (40 common pairs with Coss, 100+ common pairs with Binance, 0.1% fee). We built those two new bridges, they are live since yesterday (Coss/Kucoin and Binance/Kucoin).

New bridges require more funds so we decided to finally open some shares for ETH and BTC funding (more about that at the end of the report). Launching Bitfinex isnt that easy as it requires 10K$ funds to be able to trade on their platform, we are already discussing that with some potential funders and we decided to start using CCXT library for Kucoin bridges, this means the bot could be ready in minutes if we wanted to add a new bridge like the Bitfinex one.

Triangular arbitrage: as some of you know, weve started building a triangular arbitrage bot that will run using the same assets on our Coss account, we still need to work on it as Coss has some very funny features (like giving you 99.999% of what you actually bought instead of giving you 100%, even if you pay the fees on the quote currency). So this might be added soon, aiming the launch for the end of the month.

Until now we were keeping track of the deposits, withdrawals and profit on a spreadsheet and that could work for 10-20 funders but would start to be very time consuming if we continue growing at this pace. This is why we developed a custom little program to help us with that, at the moment its not very useful but has some nice features that will help us in our day to day tasks:

– record deposits, withdrawals and split the profits to every funders account

– show the total balances of the fund for every crypto (awesome to calculate the profits and double check that our real balances are inline with the shares funded)

To all the funders, if any of you want to check what youve deposited, and what you made from that, just DM on Slack and Ill send you a copy like this one:

This is something nice to have, but soon, along with the global report, every funder who want it will receive its own little report with a recap of their account.

As we know from the first day, our arbitrage bot and Spielleys CELT bot are working together, this is why we decided to give a specific channel to CELT bot (celt_last_trades),and like in the other channel, youll be able to follow all the open orders its creating. I wasnt expecting that much trades everyday, even if those are little amounts, its the best way to help for liquidity.

If anyone else has a community project, another liquidity bot, arbitrage bot or anything else, if you are interested in sharing some live data dont hesitate to contact me, Ill gladly help you to set it up 🙂

If you wanna join the Slack, click here:Slack Link

Also, if you want more information about CELT, you can read a Steemit article here:link, and buy/sell CELT from the smart contract here:link

More bridges means more arbitrage capacity and opportunities. This is why we finally decided to open ETH and BTC funding, those will be sent to Kucoin in order to activate the bridges. Also Kucoin and Coss have some new pairs in common, this means currencies on the three exchanges could should benefit from many opportunities.

As suggested by some users, we decided to put the available shares on a public spreadsheet, well update those every time someones fund a share:Google Spreadsheet

Thanks again for reading and supporting this adventure, we are really enjoying it and, as always, Coss has the best community out there… lets not forget our strengths in those hard times, well recover.

keep up the good work 😉 youve got my upvote

Really appreciate all the great work you are doing (as well as spielley with celt). I have noticed that since the arb bot has been launched that my orders get filled much quicker than before on which makes it easier to day trade. It may look like their is not much liquidity on the exchange but if you place an open order on any of the pairs funded many times they will be filled rather quickly.

Thank you very much hanksscorpio, Im very glad to hear that you see some differences while day trading on Coss, and of course, thanks for day trading too 😉

if youre on the fence about this, Id join the slack or message anyone involved in it, I had a load of questions and concerns, having never done anything like this before. Joined the slack, messaged OP in it and he explained everything, have since funded 3 pairs, with another one about to happen, and probably two more in the following days. Its a solid project and with a lot of transparency

Nice report and awesome work! The real MVPs! 😉

Good work, I would like to find more information on being a part of this project as far as funding goes. Where can I find information regarding funding this project? Thank you sir and keep up the great work!

slack is the best bet, its a chat program, think discord but more professional aimed. or message the OP, they are the easiest ways

Hi, you can join us on Slack and ask questions in the general chat or DM me. Ill make a short guide/FAQ as the adventure started a while ago and not everyone has been following all along. Thanks for your comment 😉

Hi, Im interested in this just worried about the Tax nightmare this might represent with all these trades having to be reported and profit/loss on each for US based people.

Luckily (for the Tax part), Im not from the USA. I dont think there will be any problem with deposits and withdrawals as in the end it is exactly like storing your coins. If you put 40 XXX, youll have 40 XXX you can withdraw at any moment (we engage ourselves to do it in in less than 12 hours). For the profit line you get every two weeks I dont know how it can be reported, I would check how they report GAS from NEO for example or any other crypto-currency stacked. is the Crypto One Stop Solution and this is the OFFICIAL sub-reddit. ( is the the worlds only cryptocurrency exchange that offers multiple fiat options, stable coins, alt-coins, institutional accounts and full, regulatory compliance with a new, state-of-the-art exchange. Headquartered in Singapore. Need help? Contact us on Twitter (@cosscrypto), our Telegram ( or use our support portal: