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Undercover Billionaire exclusive clip: Find your buyer first

Find your buyer first. Thats the first piece of advice in this Undercover Billionaire exclusive sneak peek. The clip shows that its much easier said than done, though.

Undercover BillionaireisDiscoverysnew show. Its not just a look at one man who has become a billionaire, but a look at the tips hes used along the way to gain his fortune. In this exclusive clip, its clear that the find your buyer first advice is sound but also not so easy to follow.

During the season, billionaire Glenn Stearns will have just $100. Hell need to ditch his own private jet and take on the alias Glenn Bryant. Now hes just a regular guy with a dream to gain wealth. He cant use his own contacts or his real name. This is a guy starting from scratch, something that seems impossible but something that we can all learn from.

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After all, Glenn has done it before. He started as a son in a working-class family and fathered a child at 14. Everything was against him, but he refused to allow it to stop him from becoming something great.

Throughout the series, hell have a team working with him. They have no idea who he is or what hes achieved before. Theyll find out at the end, with the top performers gaining a key role in running his company and a stake within it.

In this exclusive clip fromUndercover Billionaire, we get a chance to see the first steps. Its not going to be easy, as Glenn finds what the buyers want and takes to the dump to find the items.

Check out the sneak peek for the new Discovery series below.

What do you think of the new Discovery series? What do you think of Glenn Stearns advice? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Undercover Billionairepremieres on Aug. 6 at 10/9c onDiscovery.

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