Certification from Wat Pai Lom to honour our devotion

Certification from Wat Pai Lom to honour our devotion

Increase success & clean Black Magic B.E. 2550 Phra PhiRap Statue (Thai god of drama) Bronze filled with Amulets

Super Protection C.E.1950 Phra Buddha Chinnarat amulet Korean War batch top guru momks of Thailand joined blessing

Protect life & Good Things Takrut Maha Mongkol (last batch) B.E.2555

RARE Hand Craved Ivory Amulet LP Derm with Dog Zodiac Sign best collection for wealth, luck and protection

POPULAR Jackfruit Wood Carved Ling Phaya Wanon (Monkey King) Statue with Certificate- Secure House & Increase Money Fluency

Multiply Good Luck! One-Eyed Coconut Sell with Nine-tailed Fox Face Mask

50% Off Ideal Charm! Takrut Phra Lak Naa Thong :

One price Beautiful Collection Locket Phra RattanaTrai – Takrut Ngoen Lan Ruay :

30% Off Attraction Wealth & Good Business! Small Palad Khik Sandalwood :

One price Powerful LP Hong Locket with Yant Script -Choke Lahp Ma Ha Set Tee Ba :

30% Off Protect collection LP Thuad coin in big head imprint Restore the pago :

30% Off Meritful Grand Holy Set of Triple Tiny Phra PidTa Thammaraj Amulets lon :

Wat Nam Lorm, Chiang Rai ProvinceTao Wet Su Wan Ring**closed 31 Jan. 2020

AJ Daeng Donkaidee (Prai Long), Samut Sakhon ProvincePhra Khun Paen Saney Prai Long

KB Mueang, Wat Pang Makong, Chiang Mai ProvincePhra PidTa Rab Ngoen**closed 27 Mar. 2020

No.11 (2): Coconut Shell Necklaces & Bracelets

SERM DUANG 14: All-You-Desire Personalized Takrut

SERM DUANG 18: Personalized Enhance Zodiac Takrut Kao Naa Mai Yood Necklace

Lets check overview horoscope 2020 with Mor Chang (Arjarn Thodsaphon Sritula) a famous fortuneteller in Thailand.Aquarius/ Virgo/ Pisces/ Aries/ Scorpio/ Leo]

I hope everyone is good and you all had a good Songkran. Its bee a while but I feel its time for some new shorts and as always you are my first and only port of call. I would like the shorts based from these shorts Size XXL, Blue with Silver stripes i