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Glenns 90 days are up and its time to find out if his business is worth a million dollars. But first, Glenn reveals his true identity to his team as well as what each one of them has earned for their part of Underdog BBQ.

Billionaire Glenn Stearns only has 90 days to build a million-dollar business. Get caught up on how close he is to his goal by watching this mid-season recap.

The Most Dangerous Job In Television: Making Deadliest Catch

The only thing as dangerous as Deadliest Catch is filming it. Executive producers Decker Watson and Arom Starr-Paul detail the struggles our camera crews face alongside the fisherman they film.

Deep in the rainforest of Washingtons Olympic Peninsula, Sheriffs Deputies are battling a rising criminal underground. Here some thieves use the vast wilderness as their playground, willing to destroy the forest & the communities that depend on it.

Detective Rhoades receives another tip about a mysterious body in the woods. Deputy Newman responds to a critical call with lives potentially hanging in the balance. Sgt. Kolilis and his team crack open a high-dollar timber theft case.

Rhoades make a breakthrough in his search for mysterious human remains, and a timber theft suspect finally faces justice. Sheriffs Deputies crack down on recent thefts and attempt to solve new mysteries.

Secrets in the forest begin to reveal themselves. Kolilis has a run-in with a timber theft suspect he knows well, Rhoades calls in a 40-person search team to help find the human remains, and Newman encounters a childhood friend suspected of theft.

Officer Logans sting operation deep in the woods brings him face to face with his chainsaw wielding suspect and in Mason County, Deputy Rhoades hunt for human remains takes a shocking turn.

In Jefferson County, Newman finds the largest maple theft in 10 years, but becomes a chase when the suspect is one step ahead of him. In Mason and Grays Harbor Counties, Deputies stop at nothing to take down criminals in the outskirts of the forest.

101st Airborne rookies are deployed to COP Michigan in Afghanistan.

After three months in Afghanistan, the unit suffers a devastating hit.

Sgt. Adams now has stronger reasons to make it back home alive.

The 101st Airborne is tasked with providing security for voting.

As the 101st prepares to leave Afghanistan, the soldiers are changed men.

Rescuing stranded climbers with no coordinates is a daunting task.

Jason preps his helicopter for the worlds highest landing spot.

Ryan battles the elements racing back to Lukla with sick climbers.