n. 1. 2. an arbitrage house

n. a good [favourable] opportunity afford [find, get, give, make, miss, seize, take] an [the] opportunity [] (I take every opportunity of speaking English. ) at the earliest [at the first, on the first] opportunity equality of opportunity have an [no, little] opportunity for doing [to do] sth. [] make the most of an opportunity

Most results of the traditional finance theory were based on the principle of no

so it is not surprising that many are now trying to close the gap between public and private valuations

In the first few days of april , there had been some selling of hk dollars in the market in an attempt to exploit short – term

, and the hkma sold some us dollars under the convertibility undertaking

The more efficient the market is , the more quickly and accurately the price will return to equilibrium . and there will be less

, or it will be difficult to capture such opportunities if there are

So in this dissertation , we introduce the principle of essential arbitrage is not allowed to replace the traditional principle of no

exists as a standard for the financial market being perfect

These changes have significantly reduced the number of currency futures professionals , closed the window further on forex vs . futures

and so far , have paved the way to more orderly markets

The paper puts forward that securitization promote efficiency from savings to investment and makes the market no

, which means that controlled interest rate should turn to equilibrium interest rate , the market interest

to the enterprise value occurred , which is the basic reason that mbo is brought the basic goal through mbo , is to maximize the player s return of investment and to distribute the outcome reasonable between the players


Geopolitical concerns continued to pressure the market , but were outweighed by a host of downward factors such as high stock levels , a heavy maintenance schedule particularly in the usa and

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