Spring Break Bride: A Virgin For The Billionaire Fake Marriage Romance by Vivien Vale, Carter Blake (5)

Spring Break Bride: A Virgin For The Billionaire Fake Marriage Romance by Vivien Vale, Carter Blake (5)

Have you ever seen such beautiful eyes? Allisons got that dreamy, faraway look in her eyes, the one where shes already having sex with the guy before hes even asked her out on a date. I know it well. Ive seen it before.

I have, I reply, knowing shes not listening.

You havent! she scoffs, and I raise an eyebrow.

Allison rolls her eyes so much they look like they might come out of her head.

Nice.What does that even mean? shes waving her hairbrush around. Most people have nice eyes. But Dante has gorgeous, heart-melting eyes.

You know how chocolate melts in your mouth and sends millions of explosive feel-good sensations through your body? Thats what his eyes are like.

To my own horror, Dantes face comes to mind with incredible ease and speed. Ryans face refuses to materialize.

He doesnt have heart-melting eyes. His eyes are no more special than Ryans.

And did you see his butt? Those two cheeksohhhI just want to squeeze them.

Careful, or youll start drooling, I warn her and turn off the shower. She hands me a towel.

I bet his arms were ever so strong, and his chest all muscle-y.

Newsflash, Ally, Im about to be married. My husband-to-be is called Ryan. And no, I dont find his best man attractive. I inject as much force into my voice as I can muster.

Blah, blah, blah.Repeat after me. Dante is nothing short of a sex god.

Without thinking, I throw my towel at my best friend.

I will not. Ill tell you that I do agree hes handsome. There. Will you give it a rest now?

A mischievous grin spreads across her face as she throws the towel right back at me.

Allison follows me out of the bathroom into our over-sized bedroom. Here, I rummage around my suitcase and pull out a fresh outfit.

What about the way he jumped into the water to rescue you? I mean, I cant see Ryan ever doing anything like that for you.

Why? I pull on fresh underwear. Of course hed rescue me.

I know I dont sound as convinced as I should be.

And, Allison continues. He got you some whiskey and a blanket, and made sure you were alright. I mean, have you ever met a more thoughtful and considerate man?

The way his pants clung to his body was amazing. You have to agree, theres no man whos got as sexy a body as Dante.

Ryans not sexy. He even has a little pot belly from all that alcohol he consumes. Allison protests.

Ryan is great. Ryan is wonderful. Ryan looks after me, and Ryan is going to marry me. End of story. Full stop.Finito.

Okay, okay, I get it. Coffee? Tea? Allison asks from the kitchen area and I welcome her change of topic.

Coffee, please, I join her and admire all the condiments left for us.

The way his hands rubbed your back, I swear, I wouldve turned to jelly. You did look.

You should start the Dante fan club, I tell her and wander over to the couch. On the way, I grab my mobile phone.

I stare out the window to try and compose something in my head.

But all I can think of is Dante. The way his arms grabbed me, pulled me through the water before lifting me effortlessly out of the canal.

Were at the hotel, and its grand. Cant wait for you to arrive.

How many times do you send a message if the receiver doesnt reply? I wish there was some text messaging etiquette book. Should I wait an hour or two, or more before I send another message?

I mean, Ive already sent him four todayfour in the space of a few hours. Hes sent none. Technically, he should be sending me a message or calling me to find out if I arrived safely.

Allison comes over to join me on the leather lounge. She sits beside me and curls her legs under her.

Im pleased to hear some excitement in her voice now as well. The entire trip, its been me whos bursting with enthusiasm and Allison whos played cool.

Ryan. Honestly, remind me again what you see in that loser? she holds out her left hand and brings her four fingers together and moves the thumb into a horizontal position to emphasize loser.

Ally. You know hes not a loser. Hes a I struggle to find the right words.

How do you describe a man like Ryan? I know hes wealthy and important, but truth be told, Ive got no idea what he actually does.

He seems to go away a lot. I think Ive asked him what he does, but hes replied with something vague like,no need to worry your pretty little head about such mundane matters. Hes a loser, repeats Allison, sipping on her hot coffee. Dante, on the other hand, is an interesting, helpful and amazing man.

You say that because youve got the hots for him. Ryan is just as interesting and amazing. Anyway, I decide to change my tactic. How do you know hes interesting and amazing?

Because he rescued you. Any man who jumps into a Venice canal to rescue a total stranger is amazing. He carried some brochures with him, one of which was information about art galleries in Venice. I wouldve thought youd agree, anyone interested in art is interesting.

My heart beats a little faster when I hear her mention art and Dante in the same breath.

How had she learned so much about the man in such a short amount of time?

Ryans interested in art, I start, then stop. I cant recall what exactly Ryan is interested in. Ryans interested in sports and cars. I take a stab in the dark. Most men are into sports and cars.

Blah, blah, blah. If I didnt know better, Id say the mans got you under some spell or given you a love potion.

Ryan lets me drive his sport car if I ask him. And he took me to that picnic in the park.

Nic, thats peanuts for a guy like Ryan. He should be carrying you on a silver platter. What am I talking about? It should be a gold platter. Your wish should be his every command.

I sip my coffee, lost in thought. At the same time, I gaze around the room. Im surrounded by so much history. I feel like I need to pinch myself to make sure this isnt all some dream Im having.

Im sending Dante a message asking if he wants to join us for drinks.

You what? I shriek and feel my heartbeat quicken. Im not sure I approve of Allisons actions.

He rescued you. We should ask him out for a thank you drink.

Before I can protest further, shes already sent her text.

Allison claps her hands together and leaps off the couch.

You wish. Anyway, if youre not interested, you wont mind if I make him mine.

Well, lets go and get ready. I said wed be down in ten.

Whats the hurry? I protest, but get up and follow my friend.

As we walk out the door, I decide to send Ryan one more text.

Weve arrived and checked in. The Aman is gorgeous. I cant wait for you to get here. Any idea when youre arriving?

I press send and watch the screen again. As with every other time, the screen tells me its been delivered, but it does not change to the much anticipated read status.

And as much as I stare at the device and will it to deliver me a response, it stays silent.

But thats not always true, is it? No news might just mean the person is unable to contact you.

Was Ryan unable to contact me? And if so, why?

The morgue images come back to me a little too vividly.

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