Billionaire Boys Club opened to just $618 at the box office in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations made against star Kevin Spacey.

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It doesnt help matters any that the general consensus seems to be thatBillionaire Boys Clubis not a good movie. It currently boasts just one Fresh review on Rotten Tomatoes, against eight negative takes. Despite that, were it not for the controversy, one might have thought that billing this as some sort ofBaby Driverreunion would have helped it to earn quite a bit more than it did over the weekend. This is without a doubt the symbolic nail in the coffin that was Kevin Spaceys career. This news comes to us courtesy ofThe Hollywood Reporter.

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The movie, which is based on real-life events that occurred in the 1980s and centers on a group of wealthy boys in Los Angeles who establish a get-rich-quick scam that turns deadly, averaged a measly $56 per location, which means roughly six people showed up to see it per location, when taking average ticket prices into account. That number is staggeringly low, especially considering that the movie boasts an impressive ensemble cast that also includes Ansel Elgort, Taron Egerton, Emma Roberts, Billie Lourd and Cary Elwes, with Elgort and Egerton earning top billing. Kevin Spacey was just a supporting player.

Billionaire Boys Clubwasnever going to be a big hit. It was released on VOD by Vertical Entertainment prior to making its way to theaters. VOD releases that also do a limited theatrical run are never big earners at the box office. But this is particularly terrible. The movie rolled out in eleven theaters across the U.S. in San Francisco Bay, Phoenix, Detroit, Minneapolis, St. Paul, New Orleans, Hartford, Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, Cleveland and Sarasota.

You probably didnt notice, but a newKevin Spaceymovie opened in theaters over the weekend. And it opened with a painful thud.Billionaire Boys Clubquietly snuck its way into several theaters over the weekend and earned just $618 for the entirety of the Friday to Sunday frame. That makes it far and away the lowest opening of the disgraced actors career, who was not long ago considered to be a unique and tremendous talent in the industry. How the mighty have fallen.

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thesexual misconductallegations made against Kevin Spacey in recent months have proved to be far too much to overcome. Spacey has beenaccused of various misconductby men in both the U.S. and Europe,replacing him with Christopher a rather bold move,removed Spacey from last yearsAll the Money in the Worldjust weeks before its scheduled release,includingStar Trek Discoverystar Anthony Rapp. The allegations caused Netflix to promptly remove the actor fromHouse of Cards,promoting Robin Wright to the series lead for the upcoming final season. The streaming service also canceled a Gore Vidal biopic that had already been filmed. Director Ridley Scott also,Kevin Spaceys New Movie Opens to an Abysmal $618 at the Box OfficeEmilia Clarke Replaces Amber Heard in BossLogics Aquaman 2 ArtJames Gunn Pays Tribute to Marvels Stan Lee on 2nd Anniversary of His DeathKevin Spaceys New Movie Opens to an Abysmal $618 at the Box OfficeFantastic Beasts 3 Fan Art Transforms Mads Mikkelsen Into Gellert GrindelwaldStill,