Glenn accidentally reveals his true identity to a team member.

Fall arrives and the Kilchers scramble to finish their winter preparations.

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Ottos sense of humor and ingenuity inspire his family and neighbors.

Atz Lee and Jane head to remote Adak Island in search of Caribou.

The entire homestead rushes to prepare for the first storm of the winter.

the Kilchers struggle to get through a harsh winter.The Kilchers call in favors to help build a fence before the high tide.Atz Lee and Eiven travel to Terrible Island to hunt deer.The Kilchers must not only reuse and recycle,but also reinvent.Family members search for a newborn calf and its mother during a snowstorm.Atz begins range riding to protect Ottos cattle herd from predators.The Kilchers fish for the hundreds of pounds needed over the winter.Spring arrives and the family deals with a rogue hen and hunts for food.The family battles danger to drive their cattle to the summer pasture.Billionaire Glenn Stearns only has 90 days to build a million-dollar business. Get caught up on how close he is to his goal by watching this mid-season recap.Hopeful entrepreneurs decide to quit their steady 9-5 jobs to focus on turning their side hustles into full-time money-making businesses. But after taking the leap,the Kilchers pin all their hopes on one hunt.Desperate for food,With winter approaching,they discover that entrepreneurship is a lot more challenging without a safety net.