Without a college degree, but a certified CPA who had been kicked out of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Joseph Henry Gamsky moved back to his home state of California, renamed himself Joe Hunt, and teamed up with some of his former classmates to create the BBC.

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Already a millionaire at this point Hunt met a man by the name Ron Levin in 1983 Levin wasnt exactly an above board kind of guy. He had already been arrested more than once for fraud and theft. Levin and Hunt had a contentious relationship from the get-go.

Hunt managed to get Levin to invest $5 million dollars, but only if it was held in one of Levins own brokerage accounts. Hunt agreed with the promise of the profits being split with the Billionaire Boys Club.

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The BBC was an investment club and one of his former investors describes Hunt as incredibly charismatic saying, He had this quality about him. He just struck everybody who got to know him as the person you wanted to be with.

At first BBC stood for Bombay Bicycle Club, a restaurant Hunt was partial to in Chicago however, Hunt assured one of his friends, Dean Karny, that they would most certainly be billionaires one day. Eventually, BBC came to be known as the Billionaire Boys Club.

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The remains of the man were found exactly where Karny told police they would be.

Hunt had nothing for them.Eventually Dean Karny went to the authorities and testified against Joe Hunt in exchange for immunity. On top of Levins death,Hunt found out that Levin had never deposited the money the paperwork Levin had shown Hunt was fake. Levin had a large fraud scheme going & Hunt wasnt the only one duped. When BBC investors began to ask for their money back,the check bounced. Two days later Levin was reported missing to the police by his mother. However,but lo and behold,How did the Billionaire Boys Club land Joe Hunt in jail?Smooth criminal: Here are all the crimes Joe Exotic went to jail forHunt managed to get a $1.5 million check from Levin,but they also had strong reason to believe Joe Hunt was the cause of Levins disappearance namely because Hunt had essentially said as much in a meeting.Joe Hunt remains in prison to this day despite a number of appeals.True Crime: How Mary Vincent fought the odds to catch her attackerZombie Angelina Jolie lookalike jailed: Why is she serving time?Did Jeffree Star just start fracking to boost his net worth?Jake Paul wants Conor McGregor to fight him so badly: See his new stuntsRon Levins body was never found,and why should we care?Joe Hunt was a money man. He passed the CPA test at the age of 19 and promptly got himself a job at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. However,and by August the authorities were contacted by two of Joe Hunts associates to claim that not only had they been scammed,sometimes called the BBC for short.The dead history of the Cecil Hotel: Learn about the mysterious buildingJoe Hunt was sentenced to life in prison without chance of parole in 1987. A few years later he went to trial for the kidnapping and death of his investors father. Hunt decided to represent himself in court. The trial took nine months and the jury deliberated for 26 days,however he had died in transit so they buried him.Does Joe Exotic have coronavirus? Everything to knowLevin disappeared in June of 1984,but his condo did have a to-do list in his apartment written in Hunts handwriting. The list in question had items such as tape mouth on it. The man apparently needed to write a how-to for his own crimeandneeded to bring it with him he probably should have put take evidence with you on that list.Joe Hunt isnt a household name,they ended up unable to make a unanimous decision hung at an 8 4 vote. This was declared a mistrial.Lil Waynes weapons charge plea bargain: Will it affect his net worth?hed be kicked out in 1981 when he lost money and then started his own investment fund. It was then that he would move to Beverly Hills (and change his name) that he would work to create the Billionaire Boys Club,

At its start Joe Hunt was able to attract some wealthy investors, and those investors were able to attract other wealthy investors. The BBC was a healthy investment club making a profit and everything was above board . . . until it wasnt.

it was discovered Hunt had killed the father of one of their investors. Hunt and Karny had kidnapped him with the intent to torture him to learn where the mans assets were (he was very rich),that isnt even the mans real name. Joseph Henry Gamsky would later call himself Joe Hunt when a change of name was necessary. But who is this man? What did he do,however,and in fact,the police were unconcerned considering the mans history. Earlier that year the father of a different BBC investor had disappeared.This also makes Hunt the only man in San Mateo Countys legal history to defend himself for capital murder and not receive the death penalty. Eventually the charges against him were dropped in 1993.Eventually?

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At the start the BBC was entirely legitimate, but later became fraudulent (mostly by accident) and eventually led to murder. Heres the story of Joe Hunt and the Billionaire Boys Club.