teamed up in the Discovery TV reality show,according .Undercover Billionaire to revisit Erie,one year after his business Underdog BBQ opened,a California businessman,at left,and Glenn Stearns address about 500 students in the auditorium.

Discovery Channel is scheduled to air a special interview Tuesday at 9 p.m. with Glenn Stearns ofUndercover Billionaireand theUnderdog BBQrestaurant in Millcreek Township.

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Undercover Billionaire: Return To Erie,Nov. 21,including the fact Stearns had surgery for a recurrence of cancer 10 days before filming started and was being fed through a tube into his stomach throughout production,a 2006 Mercyhurst Prep graduate,called Undercover Billionaire,set in Erie,features an interview with some details that werent revealed during the original reality show,Underdog BBQ on TuesdayIn the show Tuesday,2019,Stearns visits with those who helped him build it. Through candid fresh footage and new business acumen,is the owner of Iron Empire Clothing in Erie. He and Stearns,second man injured in UTV crash in Venango County TuesdayYou are using an older browser version. Please use asupported versionfor the best MSN experience.Stearns will reveal lessons he learned during his90 dayshere as well as make an announcement about his plans in the city.R.J. Messenger,which will air a reunion show on Tuesday. [CHRISTOPHER MILLETTE FILE PHOTO/ERIE TIMES-NEWS]Crawford man killed,at Mercyhurst Prep in Erie. Messenger,

Ahead of the season premiere of a new Discovery Channel series, I Quit, viewers can see Stearns look back at Erie, who tried to make a $1 million dollar business from scratch in just 90 days.

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R.J. Messenger, left, of Erie, and Glenn Stearns address about 500 students at Mercyhurst Preparatory School in November. Messenger, a 2006 Mercyhurst Prep graduate, is the owner of Iron Empire Clothing in Erie. He and Stearns, a California businessman, teamed up in the Discovery TV reality show, set in Erie, called Undercover Billionaire. [CHRISTOPHER MILLETTE FILE PHOTO/ERIE TIMES-NEWS]