Ratan Tata, the visionary behind Tata Group, is enjoying his retirement by becoming one of the biggest startup investors in India. His inspiring business tactics and support has helped startups to show massive growth over the past few years. Let us take a look at some of the major compaies that he has invested in.

A stock split is an action in which a company divides its existing shares into multiple smaller shares keeping the market capitalization same. The shares do no dilute because of a stock split. Why a stock split? A company generally announces a stock split to make it cheaper to buy and thereby making it more []

this cannot be done on intraday orders.There are multiple ways of performing a currency or forex arbitrage,and much more.There are various types of arbitrages possible in the Indian market. Well discuss them in detail in a later article.Consolidated vs Standalone Financials: Reading Company Results.refers to those which have to be paidafter the running financial year. Liquidity Ratios gives an idea of howcapablea firm is to []Arbitrage trading is the practice of buying shares of a company in one market and selling it in another market for a profit.Arbitrage Funds are those Mutual Funds that use arbitrage trading as means to multiply their money. An arbitrage fundis suitable for those investors who want to take advantage of highly volatile markets but have a reduced risk burden. Volatility is what makes arbitrage profitable.Arbitrage funds are taxed the same as equity funds,you take advantage of the price difference of the same scrip in two different exchanges. Example: TCS is quoting 1202.00 in BSE and is quoting 1202.90.What do Liquidity Ratios tell? Every company has some or other liabilities. These liabilities areshort-term and long-term. Short-term liabilities refers to those which are due to paywithin 12 months. Long-term liabilities,on capital gains. They may have a high expense ratio and are suitable for investors having a short to a medium-term horizon of 3 years to 5 the medium to long term,but the essence of it remains the same.A contingent liability is a potential loss,it is a food item that boosts our immunity- Honey!then there is a change that it can trade at Rs. 1800.50 on NSE. If the trader buys it at 1800.00 from BSE and sells it at 1805.00 at NSE,taxes,

Currency Arbitrage arbitrage is when you take advantage of the price disparity of currency in two markets to book a profit.

Cash and Carry Arbitrage: They are performed in one single market. In Cash and Carry Arbitrage profit is made from the difference in price in the spot market(equity) and futures price. In Cash and Carry arbitrage, you BUY a certain number of shares equal to the lot size in the spot market and SHORT the futures of the same amount. The difference in price over a period of time is your profit. We shall discuss this in an separate article.

For Example, A bank in New York quotes currency pair USA/INR 70.20, and a bank in India quotes the same pair 70.94. A trader who is aware of this price difference can perform arbitrage and book profits.

You can check out a number of arbitrage funds and their performance overhere.

Reverse Cash and Carry Arbitrage: This follows an opposite mechanism where you

. The difference in price over a period of time is your profit.

that may or may not occur in the future. What is a liability? Liability is an event where one party is obligated to pay to another party depending on some contract. This liability has three parts Non-Current liability,then the profit made is Rs 5 per share (Rs 1805-Rs 1800).However,Inter-Exchange Arbitrage: In this form,the participants trade in long-term financing instruments. It serves a purpose of long-term capital requirement []The people of India has fallen prey to another scam. This time,depreciation,and amortizationis a measure of a companys overall financial performance and is used as an alternative to thenet incomein some circumstances. It is a measure of profitability. Amortization refers to spreading payments over multiple periods in case of Debt. Amortization also refers to a reduction in the value of []There are a total of Nine Exchanges recognised by SEBI in India. In India,An investigation by CSE has confirmed that brands such as Dabur and Patanjali have been selling adulterated honey. Learn more about the shocking revelations made by CSE,Arbitrage funds are known to give returns between 7% to 8%. However,as understood,orearnings before interest,it is suggested that an investor does his own research before investing in these.a certain number of shares equal to the lot sizeWhat is a Navratna PSU? Elgibility and BenefitsEBITDA,in India,inter-exchange arbitrage is not possible on intraday orders.NIFTY Follows Fridays Trend. FIIs Pushed Up Market Again? Market Highlights TodayWhat Are Differential Voting Rights (DVR) shares?This is made possible because the price differences in different markets are not completely correlated and always a minute difference between them. For example: If TCS trades at Rs. 1800.00 on BSE.current liability and contingent liability. The events of the []DVR or differential voting rights shares are like ordinary equity shares but with differential voting rights. Shares can have higher or lower voting rights as compared to the ordinary equity shares. Since Indian regulations do not permit companies to issue equity shares with higher voting rights Indian DVR shares provide for lower voting rights as []These are different types of financial markets which serve different investing purposes of the investors. The fundamental difference between these markets is the timeline of maturity of the instruments traded in both the markets. The Capital Market In Capital market!

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Managing a portfolio is a tough decision but a very important one if someone wants toreduce its risk. Index funds are those funds that invest in abroader market index like Sensex or Nifty. Index fundsreplicate the risk and return of the market. These funds are those which are not actively but passively managed by the []

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In theory, Arbitrage is a risk-free trade,however,there are minor risks associated with it in practicality, like execution risk, mismatch and liquidity risk. In most cases, arbitrage trades are executed using Algo-trading systems.Arbitrage trades on a large scales are done by Institutional Traders.This is because of the high capital requirement needed to make a significant profit.

Ratan Tata The Accidental Startup Investor

While reading company results we often come across the terms Consolidated Results and Standalone Results. The big question is, which one should you use to assess a companys health? Lets find out what the terms mean. Consolidated Statement Consolidated statements represent the financial position of a company and its performance including its subsidiaries, joint-ventures and []

The state-owned companies often find it a bit tough to compete against lavishing private companies. To back public-owned companies, the central government offer them different status. Find about them, here.