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Wall Street Has New MiFID Migraine, Now in Futures Market

Trend-following hedge funds, sometimes referred to as systematic investors or

that focuses on adding value to portfolios during volatile markets.

to institutional accounts and high-net-worth individuals.

. In his recent book, Deflation, he points out that current deflationary forces include technological advances, increased productivity, and new markets in less-developed regions, which drive prices down without threatening corporate earnings.

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For Wall Street, the big worry is that complying with those restrictions may force their brokers who facilitate futures transactions to register as

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Technical analysis tools; creating a profitable trading system

That led to the sell-off in equities, likely exacerbated by forced selling by

The Bible of Trend Following: How Professional Traders Compound Wealth and Manage Risk

New York cotton up on rallying grains, rainy weather

, were distinctly out of fashion at the start of the year, with the sector having struggled with high levels of correlation between the assets they traded.

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