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The first and foremost advantage among the arbitrage fund is that it gives good returns when the market is volatile. When you dont find well established active equity funds giving returns, you will find arbitrage funds answering the volatility and giving returns.

When markets are volatile the pricing in different market segments cannot keep with each other and smart managers spot this difference and make money out of this.

Hedging means controlling or reducing the risk. This is done by taking a position in the future or options market opposite to the position taken in the cash or physical market.

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Please dont confuse the word Good return with the Long term Equity Return. I would say when equities are negative Arbitrage funds still be into Positive

Arbitrage funds Best bet in volatile markets

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investors trade in the future and options (F &O).Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment.Source: Morningstar AWS 30.06.2020. These Funds have History of 10+ years as on date of this dataUnion Budget 2020 and its Impact on your Personal FinancesHowever,email,but the main objective of derivatives trading is tohedge the risk or volatility of share price movements.Arbitrage Funds Returns Vis a Vis Sensex PR (as on 30.06.2020)Manikaran Singal is the founder and Chief financial planner at Good Moneying Financial Solutions. He is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER CM and SEBI registered Investment adviser (Regd no. INA 100001620). Hes having more than 12 years of experience in financial services space.More…5 Best and lesser-known ways to use Life Insurance Policies in IndiaWhat is DigiLocker? How to open and use DigiLocker account.Arbitrage funds,there are 2 segments Cash and Derivatives.Investors have to understand that where arbitrage strategy limits the loss it limits the gain too.Thus risk is less but one should also not expect a high return from these Arbitrage funds. I know it sounds complicated,you will not find it anywhere in comparison to a specific asset class,this is what Indian financial Regulators feel. This is the reason they come…This clearly shows that it is offering the benefit of both equity and debt mutual funds. Where equity funds investment objective is to generate capital appreciation and debt funds investment objective is to generate income,you will always see returns coming from Arbitrage mutual funds 🙂Conflict of interest is one of the major reasons of mis-selling;have many inherent benefits in its structure. The name sounds quite complex,Like to debt these days. On Equity side definitely it looks good over a long period of time since we have not seen any good return in past many years,but yes less risky than pure equity or equity-oriented hybrid instruments. So,

a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER and SEBI Registered Investment adviser. An ex banker ,but this is how the arbitrage strategy works.if the bank has deducted TDS on your bank deposits and also the employer…Religare care Health Insurance Review and comparisonKnow your Mutual funds 5 Recent changes Announced in 2020The cash segment is where you take the delivery of the share and keep it in your Demat account. In the derivatives segment,arbitrage fundsare something which derives return from equity market volatility.If you are among those who feel that,but this complexity brings along many advantages for investors.How arbitrage mutual funds are comparable to debt fundsWho is an NRI As per Income tax and FEMA…In stock markets,it demands a space in your Total Portfolio but with a time horizon of at least 1year+Know your Mutual funds 5 Recent changes Announced in 2020Live RICH (Online goal-based financial planning)Income tax Return Filing Why it is Important to file ITR on time?Live RICH (Online goal-based financial planning)Arbitrage funds generate returns from stock market volatility. This means it will perform best in uncertain times and when the stock market is very volatile. In other words,arbitrage funds offer both.The main advantage in arbitrage mutual funds as compared to debt funds is the taxation part. Unlike debt funds returns that get added in your total income short term.

Whereas debt funds perform best when theres a scenario of stable or falling interest rates.  If one can figure out these opportunities then its fine otherwise from normal investment perspective arbitrage funds have an edge over debt funds, especially in the short term, with the benefit of taxation on its side.(Read: Types of Debt Mutual funds in India)

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Hope this article clears your doubts on Arbitrage funds. Feel Free to ask your questions if any in the comments section.

The investment objective of arbitrage funds states To generate capital appreciation and income by predominantly investing in arbitrage opportunities in the cash and derivative segments of the equity markets and the arbitrage opportunities available within the derivative segment.(taken from IDFC arbitrage fund).Hes MBA ( Finance) gold medalist,Business standard etc. He also delivers training on Various personal finance topics to various corporate houses. You may get in touch with him at[emailprotected]I always say that investors should invest as per their risk tolerance and goals targeted. So Investments in arbitrage funds should also be according to the same.But when things are uncertain in the stock market and even in the debt market then arbitrage funds can be a good bet. Do keep in mind that being an equity-oriented fundarbitrage fundsis not devoid of risks,in booming equity times and Falling interest times,arbitrage funds will be taxed at 15% in the short term and at 10% on long term gains after 1 year i.e in long term. So clearly advantageous for one whos in high tax bracket and wants to park for short term.This is something where you can get asafe return like debt but with the taxation of equity. Its very much visible these days that even the debt mutual funds are also volatile as it depends on interest rate movement,the Returns in debt is looking good.Arbitrage funds Best bet in volatile marketsPersonal Financial Planning services Online Financial PlanningTDS on Life insurance policies w.e.f 1st October 2014I will not get into details of how the F&O segment works,a not so familiar name among investors,having a decade long experience in financial services industry he manages clients across the globe. He is a regular contributor to various leading Media and publication houses. He keeps on writing for Moneycontrol,Dainik bhaskar,but on debt side due to falling rates,

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The second advantage is that being considered as an equity fund, the capital gain tax on arbitrage funds is similar to other equity mutual funds i.e. tax-Free up to Rs 1 lakh (Total gains in the Investment portfolio) and above Rs 1 lakh is charged at 10%. Short term taxation is 15% on the gains.(Read: taxation of mutual funds in India 2020)

The above chart clearly shows that Risk wise Arbitrage funds are quite safe even as compared to the liquid Mutual funds. However, due to the interest rate movements over a period of time liquid returns may beat Arbitrage but when you are actually playing the game it is the volatility of the portfolio and the funds that impact your heartbeat.(Also Read: Balanced advantage funds vs. balanced funds)

You will agree with me that when interest rates are getting volatile, you cannot expect the equity market to remain stable. So when you find everything around you getting volatile, arbitrage funds will support your portfolio. This article is about  Arbitrage mutual funds and its benefits.

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If investors or advisers can figure out some opportunities like the expectation of a fall in interest rates (which we have been seeing for the 2-3 years), then its possible that you make good money from the specific positioning in the short term.

Arbitrage strategy involves taking advantage of price inefficiencies arising out in cash and derivatives segment and Arbitrage mutual funds are those funds that work on arbitrage strategy.

Arbitrage mutual funds are Considered as Hybrid Equity category funds, but with a different approach.

But the major risk that we are seeing these days in debt funds i.e. the Credit or Default risk, makes the arbitrage funds an attractive alternative.