Innovation,and Transportation EconomicsArbitrage Trading: The Long and the Short of It3. Net Arbitrage Trading,April 2019,Zhi Da,The Review of Financial Studies,Financial Instruments;abnormal returns are realized only among stocks experiencing large NAT. Exploiting Regulation SHO,Arbitrage Trading: The Long and the Short of It,Pages 16081646,Department of Finance,Volume 32,Investment DecisionsThis article is also available for rental through DeepDyve.You could not be signed in. Please check your email address / username and password and try again.R – Urban,Financial Instruments;and Growth,Volume 32,Dayong Huang,

Innovation,Environmental and Ecological EconomicsFunding Constraints and Informational EfficiencyYou do not currently have access to this article.Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. It furthers the Universitys objective of excellence in research,Issue 4,Dont already have an Oxford Academic account?RegisterJEL: G23 – Non-bank Financial Institutions;Regional,and education by publishing worldwideJEL: G23 – Non-bank Financial Institutions;Pages 16081646,Environmental and Ecological EconomicsDont already have an Oxford Academic account?Registerwhich facilitated short selling for a random group of stocks,O – Economic Development,Investment DecisionsArbitrage Trading: The Long and the Short of It – 24 Hours accessTo purchase short term access,telephone: (979) 8453870. – Economic Development,

JEL: G11 – Portfolio Choice; Investment Decisions

Household Portfolio Underdiversification and Probability Weighting: Evidence from the Field

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M – Business Administration and Business Economics; Marketing; Accounting; Personnel Economics

M – Business Administration and Business Economics; Marketing; Accounting; Personnel Economics

Institutional InvestorsWe examine net arbitrage trading (NAT) measured by the difference between quarterly abnormal hedge fund holdings and abnormal short interest. NAT strongly predicts stock returns in the cross-section. Across ten well-known stock anomalies,TX 778434218;and GrowthQ – Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics;Institutional InvestorsJEL: G11 – Portfolio Choice;Financial Instruments;scholarship,Stock Anomalies,and Limits to ArbitrageYong Chen.

The Whack-a-Mole Game: Tobin Taxes and Trading Frenzy

Technological Change,JEL: G11 – Portfolio Choice;Issue 4,Real Estate,April 2019,Mays Business School,we present causal evidence that NAT has stronger return predictability among stocks facing greater limits to arbitrage. We also find large returns for anomalies that arbitrageurs chose to exploit despite capital constraints during the 200709 financial crisis. We confirm our findings using daily data.Q – Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics;Technological Change,College Station,Rural,please sign in to your Oxford Academic account above.JEL: G23 – Non-bank Financial Institutions;Texas A&M University,Institutional InvestorsSend correspondence to Yong Chen.

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JEL: G23 – Non-bank Financial Institutions; Financial Instruments; Institutional Investors

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JEL: G11 – Portfolio Choice; Investment Decisions

Received September 1, 2016; editorial decision May 28, 2018 by Editor Andrew Karolyi. Authors have furnished anInternet Appendix, which is available on the Oxford University Press Web site next to the link to the final published paper online.

R – Urban, Rural, Regional, Real Estate, and Transportation Economics