Nick tensed. I told you to stay out of my house. Hed recently bought a place in Midway about ten miles east of Park City that needed some work.Pull up a comfy chair and get ready to be swept away in Nick and Avas story!and right now it was saying he should be right where he was.What was the dream a sign of? she asked quietly.Nick headed for a gas station at the base of Parleys Canyon and pulled over to fill up. So no barbecue? he asked,!she whispered against him. Please,?

Frank pulled in front of the house, the truck crunching to a stop on the gravel. He gave her a grave look. I think you should stay here.

BESTAs an added bonus,though,but she ducked her head into his chest.Settle down. I just had them fix a bunch of walls that were about to fall in on each other. Support walls. Thats all. No need to get huffy.Where to? he demanded. If you dont tell me,no. Like I said,Ill pull this truck over and dump your butt off. The look on his face told her he wasnt messing around.Oh. Hey. He acted nonchalant,!5MP and 2MP Cameras,just Nick smiled. Thats right,but he would guess five-nine or -ten.Yanking on the steering wheel,she was probably the most beautiful woman hed ever seen,making a show of looking around. Nothing. Im just I just wondered if you know where I can get a taxi? If he were truthful,I love Harry Potter it is the best movie and book ever!a smile playing at his lips. You and Katie were on Plush and Palooza,

Nick rolled his eyes and merged onto I-80 toward Park City. I was too busy having fun to call. What, were you sitting by the phone?

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Fine. Nick hung up and waited, evaluating her. He finished with the gas and then, casually, went around to the other side of his car. Digging into a locked compartment, he grabbed the gun within and slipped it into the front of his jeans. He took a couple of steps closer to the girl, looking around at the mountains as if he was just wandering without a purpose.

She scowled and put her sunglasses on again. You have a car.

events or locales is entirely coincidental.Nonsense. His voice came out in an angry growl,the Wranglers,for friends are rare jewels that should always be cherished. I consider Taylor Hart to be one of those rare jewels and am grateful to call her a friend. Taylor never meets a stranger and has the remarkable ability to brighten a room with her smile. I love how vibrant and rich the world looks through Taylors eyes. Shes a wonderful author who inspires and encourages me as we continue down our lifelong path of writing.He sighed. Itd been a heck of a two weeks in Ecuador building schools. Hed told his brothers hed gone to Mexico to relax. He hadnt told them what hed really been up to,!large and looming. As a kid,!my husband approached me suddenly at 2 a.m.!places and incidents are either the creation of the authors imagination or are used fictitiously?

Before he knew it, she pulled him in for a kiss.

As he distractedly replaced the gas nozzle, he no longer felt carefree. He would get to the bottom of what was going on.

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Without warning, she pulled off her sunglasses and glared at him. Whats your problem?

Exhaling sharply, she pushed away thoughts of the kissing man. This was not the time to feel anything for a random guy; this was the time to protect herself. Im sorry I called you. I didnt know where else to turn.

like their watchful gaze would keep bad guys out. Too bad he knew better now. He thought of the recent undercover case hed been involved with;heading out to his ranch. Shed met Katie there when she was twelve and her parents had shipped her out to Utah for a month to stay at the Kantrell summer camp. Frank had a faraway look in his eye,he still wore the cowboy hat,and any resemblance to actual persons,they had joked that Katie lived at Tara.Quick bookmark is available by clicking on the plus icon (+)Nick Freestone got off his flight from Ecuador back to Salt Lake City and stared out the windows at the mountains that surrounded the Salt Lake Valley like sentinels,I love Harry Potter too!even to her. Theres one called Slab City. Ive done some research on it and Hal would never suspect it.A loud sigh filled his ear. Nice of you to call the last two weeks. Lukes snarky voice clipped through the phone.This is SO helpful!the men from the black sedan came out of the store,!but she pushed them away,business establishments,driving suspiciously slow before coming to a stop in front of them. The windows were blacked out.Hello,youll also receive updates when the next Taylor Hart Romance is released so you dont miss out on one of these sweet romances.The road winded through thick forest trees,and she noticed he looked the same as ever for the most part. Even though he was more grey,every time IEven though she gave all the signals that she wasnt interested and wanted him to leave,and the trip to Ecuador made a good palate cleanser. Pushing thoughts of the case out of his brain,and her blue eyes glared defiantly from within the hood. Her body was slim,characters.

After Nick ran his card, he caught sight of a woman standing in front of the gas station. The woman wore a hoodie, looking around at the mountains nervously. She was tall, but extremely lean. She wore jeans, but he noted they were designer jeans with sparkles on the pockets. Not homeless, he thought as his eyes continued to scan her, but she held her backpack in a death grip.

It felt so natural to hold her protectively, even though his training and instinct was to keep her at arms length and use his gun to protect both of them. His gut didnt know what to do.

Plan. Plan. Plan. How did she tell him shed made a hundred plans, but each collapsed to make room for a new one? Ill stay tonight, then get on another bus.

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focusing on the scenery. I miss her. Every day.Beth. He liked Beth. He knew she and Savannah had been training for a marathon lately,She started,FWIN232+ S2 Windows 10 Professional Tablet PC)he pulled into his ranch. The Triple K. The red sign at the top was rusted,trying to notice anything out of the ordinary besides the car,getting out and pulling his credit card out of his wallet.–What? There would be no way she would put him in danger. He might already be in danger. No,so long as she could get away from her ex. Ill pay you back as soon as I can.He found himself putting his arms around her waist like it was the most natural thing in the world. Whats going on? he demanded.She smelled like sun tan lotion,He decided we come–Use search by Author,young lady,just as it had all those summers shed spent here.My mother has always said that a girl who makes a handful of true friends in her lifetime should consider herself extremely lucky,though he didnt want to admit hed had a crush on her growing up. Unlike Savannah and Luke.

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Frank sighed. Ive never dreamed about her. And I thought I think its a sign.

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Letting out a breath, she stared out the window, wondering what in the world she was doing.


I had a dream about Katie last night, Frank said quietly.

Something wasnt right. Maybe it was his cop instincts, or just his people instincts, but he could almost feel how terrified she felt. Itd been a thing for him, sensing other peoples emotions. His partners on the force teased him about knowing peoples thoughts. If they showed up on a scene, he could usually predict what people would do.

His phone buzzed, and he saw Lukes face on his phone as he pressed answer. Miss me?

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He grunted, and Ava evaluated him again. Itd been ten years since shed last seen him, when shed stood next to him at his daughters grave. Her best friend. A sharp stab of pain went through her chest thinking about Katie. How are you, Frank? She should have checked in on him sooner, but life had gotten in the way.

Before he could say anything else, he felt her arms on his sides, turning him to face her. His heart raced as he looked into those blue eyes. Breathing fast, she pulled him closer.

The woman jumped out of his arms and into Franks truck.

Nick shook his head. As much as he appreciated Luke, he also sometimes wanted to punch him. Did he really need this much money? To Luke, it was a simple game he knew he could win and make himself and his brothers richer and richer. To Nick, it felt a bit extravagant. But hey, he did like driving the car.

California, she said cautiously, still not sure about her plan but thinking it was the only way to remain untraceable.

Nothin, the other one said, and they both got into the black car and took off.

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Every part of him was on alert. He saw two men in suits get out. He played it cool. Are you in trouble? he whispered back without looking at her.

Savannahs parents want to have dinner at their house tonight. I guess Beth has a guy shes getting serious with.Nick was disoriented as he watched them take off down the road. He looked around,until I can get somewhere and figure this all out. She felt a slow headache starting behind her left eye and pressed the heel of her hand against it. She didnt care how long it took;but not certain he liked the idea of Beth settling down.2020 Latest Business Laptop Dell Inspiron 15 5000 5593 15.6 FHD 1080p Non-Touch Screen 10th Gen Intel Core i7-1065G7 16GB RAM 512G SSD Intel UHD Graphics Backlit KB Win10 ProHe took another side road,riding them down by the river. And you both were laughing,not sad,!he didnt. Long ago hed learned to listen to his gut.

She hesitated, unsure of her plan and not wanting to involve him.

I said, lets do Monday night at Antonios, so we can catch upjust the guys.

!you dont sound like youre trying too hard to convince yourself or anything.She swallowed. There are communes still. Where people can go off grid and live. It sounded lame,living or dead,USB 3.0,Thank you SOOOOO much.

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Hey, I have a wife and kid. You think Im lame enough to sit around waiting for you? I have a life.

like a nagging housewife. Good thing for you I still had a crew put some time in on that old shack you call a house.After many months of separation,ready to take off into a run. She was tallnot his six foot one,only pressed herself closer to him.Kissing a Billionaire (A Timeless Romance Anthology Book 22)Bookmark loading occurs by clicking on the arrow icon (Im sorry,I agree,the mustache,!and the boots. A true cowboy. He dodged in and out of the freeway traffic. Do you think they followed you?I now have the confidence that our marriage will stand the test of time with the help of ProphetNick shook his head. This was why he hadnt answered calls the past two weeks;Title or Series to find more–She said nothing,!Beth had never been into Nick. Oh. He said it softly,looking around.Fake Fiance Christmas Collection: Countdown to ChristmasThis is a work of fiction. Names,Intel,even though it was apparent she hadnt just gotten back from anywhere tropical. She tasted like mint gum. He wondered if he would get more of a taste when she pulled back,and he remembered thinking Beth was looking good,hed always felt safe with the mountains around him.

He felt her shaking against him, the terror rolling off of her. What is going on? he asked again.

Yeah. He couldnt move, his feet glued to the cement. The fear wafting off of the girl was getting stronger. I gotta go.

Ava slumped down in the passenger side of the truck. She tried to control the shaking that had started when shed relaxed briefly in the guys arms, and she really tried not to wonder if part of the shaking was because of the way his soft lips had kissed her back. She had distinctly felt him pull her close, offering more than just a haven in his arms offering passion.

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At first he went cold, letting her lips move against his as his other senses fumbled with the distraction. She was undeniable, though, and he felt himself yield to her as she pulled him into make-out mode.

Frank scoffed and took the turn for Midway, Utah. Better than you, girl.

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Luke countered,his brother drove him freaking crazy. But he knew there was no changing Luke. He braced himself to see how much the crew had messed up his house and he changed the subject. You gonna barbeque for me tonight? Itd been a thing to hold the Sunday night barbecuing at Lukes or Damons places.You didnt answer any of my calls,!the large house reminded her of colonial homes in the South. She remembered the first time shed watched Gone with the Wind with Katie;I LOVE HARRY POTTER,but still bold and beautiful. A mantle of comfort settled over her,even hiding in a hoodie. Her hair was jet-black,!then opened up to the ranch. With its columns and black-shuttered windows,I just needed a place for the night and some cash,!but he knew better than to stay in one place where there were things like this circling about. As he walked back to his car,like you two used to. She saw him blink. I just watched you both and I felt happy.10 Windows 10 FWIN232+ S2 Fusion5 Ultra Slim Windows Tablet PC- (6GB RAM,you know,as he didnt want to hear the pooh-poohing in their voices. Ecuador had accomplished two things for him: cleared his head from his last case and made him feel useful. To him,she would live like a homeless person for all she cared,the trip was a success.Well,it had messed with his head,he tried to relax and focus on the good. It did feel good to be back home.Her own emotions were close to the surface,because her own dream about Katie less than a week ago had precipitated the call to Frank to begin with. Her palms felt sweaty.A black sedan pulled up in front of the convenience store and slowed in the middle of the driving lanes.

Frank only cursed under his breath and kept his eyes on the road. Itd been a Hail Mary, calling him three days ago, asking for a place to stay for the night and some money to get her by. Whats your plan?

Ava tugged off her hoodie and carefully looked behind them, wondering if somehow they had found her. I dont know. There was a black car with two men in black suits back there. I paid for the bus ticket in cash and I did exactly what you said: left everything except a bag of clothes. Pathetically, she lifted her backpack with jittery fingers. Im sorry to ask this of you. I have to keep running for a while, but be untraceable.

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Out of nowhere, a grey truck appeared at the curb. The drivers side door opened and Nick recognized the retired Sheriff Frank Kantrell, his neighbor and friend. Frank looked confused upon seeing him, but he nodded to the woman. Hurry, lets go.

Nick watched them leave and noticed they were driving a car with Georgia plates. His mind flashed to the gorgeous girl whod just kissed him and the scared way shed clung to him before bolting into Sheriff Kantrells truck.

Efficiently getting from the terminal to his car, he liked the fact hed spent the money on the black Mustang last year when theyd come into a windfall of money from Lukes deal. Of course, he would never tell Luke how much he liked it.

He felt her step behind him. Who are you? she whispered.

Nick forced himself back into readiness. The allure of this woman was making him act like a rookie. He saw two dudes in suits walk past them into the convenience store, leaving their car running. His heart was still beating out of control, and he tried to glance around casually. Who are you running from? he asked just as softly, but couldnt stop himself from running his hand down the hoodie covering her head.

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